The Inconvenient Crafter- Tools on Tuesday

Oh the places you will go, the projects you will do,
 with a good extension cord  you can do what ever you choose!
( Sorry Dr. Suess)

I think we have totally established that I am a tool girl, and while many of these tools run under no more than arm strength the real powerhouses of my tool box need electricity to get the job done.  Yes there are cordless models and I do even happen to own a really sexy compressed gas trim nailer that I might flash at you some time but overall for the work I do around here at the Anarchy Estate cordless models* are not up to the task, thus I need.. MORE POWER!

Power means an outlet, and I seem doomed never to have one close to where I am working. That is why this weeks pick for my favorite tool is the Bayco Extension Cord Reel!

Not exactly eye candy, but to me it is beautiful!  This compact easy to store bundle hold 25 feet of power cord and the front panel works as 4 grounded receptacles so I can keep multiple tools plugged in at one time making it easy to flow through a project in no time without having to keep stopping to unplug and replug tools.

Super easy to use.. pull out the amount of cord you need and plug it in.. then plug your tool into one of the 4 available spots and  you are in power!  When you are done, just unplug everything and use the handy handle to reel up the cord. No more winding cord around your arm or twisting it up macrame style. So simple, so easy ~sigh~, it's extension cord love.

I got mine at Lowes and I own about 4 of them. One for in my tool kit, one in a cabinet on the front porch so I can get the vac out to the car, and 2 others as back up in the basement. The price is right at under $20 and so far mine have lasted way past their 1 year warranty.  Crross my heart.. it's a simple thing but each time you use it I know you will thank me.   What is your favorite Tool???

**  Un-named cordless tool company- feel free to send me your best to review, but be warned.. I am painfully honest!

*** This was a totally uncompensated review,  I just like passing on products that really work and make my life in Anarchy that much easier :)


Greg said...

Whats my favorite tool? I could rattle off any number of politician's names, but I know thats not the "tool" you're asking about. My favorite tool would have to be my magnetic pick up tool with built in LED light. Makes picking up pins and needles quick and easy. Also works wonders in the garage and under the hood of my truck. Thats why I own several of them.

Audrey Pettit said...

Awesome! I love a gal who's not afraid of a few tools and a bit of POWER!