Well!.. How exciting is this!  Just got son13 dosed with pain medication and sat down at the computer and of course if I sat down I totally had to check out what was going on today at the Graphics fairy's sites.  A quick clink and then an even quicker intake of breath and a squeel that sent the puppies running from the room.

  My little chick towel project was featured today at Graphics Fairy DIY!!!!

Thank you Karen, I could not be more honored!

Maddie, posting from cloud 9


Stitchfork said...

Sweet! Have fun hanging with your peeps this Easter weekend and hope all your bunnies are chocolate! And your sone feels better too.
xo Cathy

Jodie said...

Just found your blog from Graphics Fairy. Love, love, love that kitchen towel.

Amanda said...

Cute kitchen towel! I hope your son feels better. Oral surgery is no fun, no matter your age.

Dani @ said...

CONGRATS!! That towel is super cute!!