Ruffle me up!

So now that I have given you  a couple of different ways to make ruffles lets flex those craft muscles with a  project!  Even better it's a Glue-Gun-Gal project since once you have the ruffles done there is no more sewing to make this adorable bag.  Even better?.. the base bag is from the Dollar $pot at Target so a thrifty find at $2!

You will need:
1 straw bag
A bunch of ruffles, mine are 2.5 by about 6 yards total.
Glue gun and lots of glue sticks
Rick rack or other trim enough to go around the bag.

Start in about the middle of the bag, of course  you can do the whole bag but honestly it gets pretty heavy so I go with just the upper 1/2. I used the spiral pattern construction of the bag to follow as I glued the ruffles around the bag.
Glue- wrap - glue wrap, wash, rinse, repeat as you make your way UP the bag.  You are going from the bottom row of ruffles to the top.

I did not join my strips and just over-lapped them and glued them since I am lazy like that and wanted a quick win when it came to this project. As you will notice I did serge the bottoms of the strips before I ruffled them but think it's just as cute with a pinked edge ( made easier by a pinking edge rotary cutter!)

I kept wrapping all the way to the top of the bag when I then  ended the ruffle and  topped the whole thing off with some freaky green color rick rack. You can feel free to use some sort of normal color since I have some serious doubts that they are making this shade anymore!

That's it!.. you have mastered the ruffle and now have a project to show for it.. go  you!

Like my bag?... Got a question?..   Feel free to leave a comment.

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Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

That is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it!

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh! This is SO fabulous! LOVE

CK said...

OH my goodness, those ruffles totally made the basket/purse look original and handmade and cute and lovely! Love it!

-CK (

Unknown said...

This is so cute!! I love it!! Please link up!!