Self Care Sunday- You Are What You Clean With

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Here at the Anarchy Estate we are making the slow progression to the world of the more-green. Honestly the kids have taken me there kicking and screaming  but I am getting better. On my very own I have switched over to using Borax powder for most of my routine bathroom cleaning with great success. ( Like most things this was prompted by the fact that I  was getting freaky reactions when  typical cleaners touched my skin so thus the  trip into the world of natural cleaners since  this was to clean the bathtub and that was a rash I don't want to talk about!)  I have even switched to natural sponges as part of the process, I could wish they were prettier and a bit less "organic" looking  but they seem to do the job. The difficult part was how to keep the Borax  available and easy to get to so that cleaning was fast and easy.

The answer came in the form of this glass canister from Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Collection from Target  ** With the wide mouth and large size it was just right for holding  the whole box of Borax along with the sponge. To the borax I add a couple of drops of essential rose oil since I am all about the smell-good.

Of course that should have been well enough but I am a total crafty/pretty stuff freak so had to dress up the canister and of course I found the perfect image at the Graphics fairy. I tweaked it a bit to fit my purpose, printed it out on a sheet of sticker paper then cut it out and put in on the jar like an old apotheocary  label. After all, there is no reason eco-clean can't be pretty too!  So taking care both physically and visually, a good self care project for  a simple Sunday.

Even better!... I have an extra label to give away! So if you would like to have it, leave a comment and at the end of the week I will pick a name and send it to the winner.. it's that simple!

** I really like these containers but the lid and the container are glass on glass so the sound is harsh when put  on the lid. To help with  that I have found a small bit of  rubber cement put on the  rim  ( letting it dry first of course) of the lid makes a nice buffer without interfering with the jar in anyway.

Any natural cleaning products that you would really like to suggest??

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Gene Black said...

I have made my own bath soap and laundry detergent. Both from instructions on the internet. I would not recommend letting the kids help with making soap as it is "dangerous" with the raw lye. But they could easily help with the laundry detergent.

Sherry said...

That is perfection. Your husband must look around your house in amazement at all the pretty things you have surrounded him with:)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, and functional too!

I love Charlie's soap. I use the All-Purpose (now called Indoor-Outdoor Cleaner) on everything from greasy hands to the tile in the bathroom to the hardwood floors in the dining room.

Nicole :)

Mimi said...

You are so creative. I think my creativity retired when I did. Lol. I clean stained tea jars and coffee pots with vinegar and water. I'm sure just about everyone knows about that though. It's great for windows, too. I don't think rose oil or anything else would pretty the smell though.

Jessica said...

Your canister is cute! I discovered Borax when I started making my own laundry soap and I love it!

paul said...

I totally agree with you. Take care of yourself by having proper nutrition. Include what's necessary for your health.

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Kaaren said...

I have several thousand graphic form Graphic Fairy and did an extensive search for the graphic
you used. Can't find it and I Love your color choice. Do you ever share your labels? I'd gladly pay for it.