Something for my Peeps - Thrifty Thursday

The countdown to Easter is on and all over the blogosphere you can see some really creative projects that never fail to knock my socks off.     I love this stuff so was taken aback when someone I know lamented that you had to be so very crafty  and rich to do all of these projects. This startled me since  while I am crafty I don't think of any of the projects I have seen out there are costing all that much but after closer inspection I concede that if you are new to the world of crafts you might not have a huge mammoth overwhelming tidy stack of supplies at hand for your of the moment crafting whims.

I took this as a call to arms and  came back with this project that I think fits the bill as an easy project that just about any skill level crafter can do. Not to mention it's pretty thrifty since I have listed easy to find substitutions for all the  supplies I list.  So join me now is making some ~Peep love~ to share with all of your "peeps"! ( Office mates, hair dressers or maybe your sweet neighbor who puts up with your crazy dogs barking at her crazy dogs.. just sayn' if you find Peeps on your door step you will know who they are from!)

You will need:
  • Computer paper or better yet light weight white card stock
  • Printer with color ink - sorry no substitutions for this one
  • Medium sized  food safe cello bags or Quart sized zippy sandwich bags
  • Scalloped craft scissors- or just the straight kind
  • Stapler  - with staples, they work oh so much better that way!
  • PEEPS!

Step 1 - download and print the file.  Each sheet of paper will make 2 toppers. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Use the light blue cutting guides to help in cutting everything straight.

If you have them, use your  fancy scissors, if not.... move along to folding the card exactly in half. If you want to sign the back of your topper now is the time and SOOOO much easier than after they are on the bag.

If using a zippy bag cut the bag so you remove the zip... about 6 inches tall for the bag is good. Insert five Peeps, no more no less. Five Peeps fit just right in the quart size bag.  Try to keep the peeps connected as you put in them in.  Fold down the plastic top of the bag and add the topper. Staple to close!

Tada!.. you did it!  Now go do another one you crafty goddess you!

Does this project pass the crafty/thrifty test?.. what thinks you??

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