A Week of Wine but no Roses

This has been a long and busy week here at the Anarchy Estate starting with a 12 hour power outage and ending in a finished wine room for Doc.

I would like to say that I was a wonderful blogger and took photos all along the way and I did take a few but they are underwhelming at best and show a lot of dust, supplies all over the floor and at one point me cursing at a cat who stepped on the blinds I was fixing up for the room... sexy stuff!

For those who crave all the inside project dirt -  I created this wine room as a gift for Doc since quite honestly he is so very gracious as to let me have the rest of the house to decorate as I please. I though it only fair that he have a room that is all about him.  This room is in our newly redone basement which I can only say was possibly the most scary 100 year old basement on the block.  Doc knew this project was on the horizon but not what is was going to look like and since he was out of town last week I blasted into action and took the room from bare walls to done in 5 days including the  power outage, homeschooling the kids and the rest of life.

As mentioned this room is in our basement and thus came with all sorts of quirky issues that had to be dealt with when we were building it out.  The part of the basment is only about 12 x8 ish so very hard to photograph! The bulkhead above the counter was built to cover the large ducts of the air handler and had previously had a closest built under it but  had to be all ripped out when it was found out that the ducts had HUGE cracks in them and all my preciou$ air and heat was leaking down into our previously unfinished basement ~sigh~ for 6 years ~double sigh~

After the tear out I decided not to replace the closets since I was catching the vision for how the wine room might look. I look a risk and put small pot lights in the bulkhead with the thought of a wine bar and bottle storage area.

Considering that a wine room was not exactly high on the priority list but I so wanted to do this for him I kept to a rather conservative budget given that you could spend endless sums of money on this sort of project.  The cabinets are stock from Lowes. I had wanted the even darker version but it was special order so I went with the Cheyenne finish which in the end I am liking for this space. I picked the unit with the deep drawers so daily use wine glasses could be stored in them., the smaller cabinet so larger bottles could be stored upright and the end cabinet so yet another wine shipment could be stored away until it could be opened, cataloged and put in the racks.

Speaking of racks, these were from Ikea and very budget friendly  but in the end if I had more time I would have really likes to have stained them dark or purchased some others. But in the world of wine, racks are EEEEXXXXPPPEEENISVE when you are talking about enough racks for 200ish bottles of wine.

The counter top is stock laminate with a snazzy ogee front edge. There was no room in the budget or the time table for anything else and over all given the space and the use this looks nice.

The wine chiller was also stock from Lowes. It's lighted and has temp zones. I had been hoping to pick up a Haier cooler but the only two I could find locally at a reasonable price were the taller ones and I needed an under counter model to work with this project. - such is life!  And not to beat a dead horse but the rug was also from Lowes. The colors are no quite true in the photo, the squares that look brown are actually eggplant colored and quite nice.

I kept things pretty simple decor wise since while I am a " more is more" sort of girl this room is all about Doc and I wanted it to be the things he loves.    The piece of art above the cabinet is  a ~re-art~ piece by yours truly entitled Wine Rings and I did it just for this room.

~ In the keeping it real portion of this post I will say that the wine glasses were just out for the photo since while Doc is a wine lover he is also the furry daddy to 5 cats who like nothing better than to kock over 12+ wine glasses at a time when trying to get up into that window  behind the blinds at the top of the photo~

Speaking of those blinds, they are hiding a VEEERRRRY ugly deep well basement level window that is oddly placed on that wall so I used blinds across the whole nook to even things out.  The blinds were that really tacky cheap thrifty variety that are like plastic straws and are used outdoors since they wash off really fast?..  at 6 feet wide they where just $10 but I had to radically shorten them and then added a double coat of oil rubbed bronze spray finish for something that looks much nicer than what it really is!

All of the accessories came from a whirl wind shopping trip through Homegoods and Hobby Lobby. Oh, the the floor is painted concrete for ease of cleaning through the whole basement including the rooms that hook up the this space, which include a new bathroom, a small and as of yet undone kitchen, tv/hang space and a workout room and extra pantry.  With a little luck I will get the rest of those spaces done over the course of this year so keep your eyes peeled for those revels!

But there you go.. my gift to Doc.. his own space for his own hobby!.. Love you honey!

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Very nice, you did a very good job. I wish to have a room like that in my house.