What's for Lunch - a Homeschool Rant

Oh why for the sake of all that is holy do schools serve corn with pizza?

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard all the uproar about public schools which have taken it upon themselves to force children into eating what is served as part of the daily meal service at their school (If you have not, take a look here) Yes folks, the sack lunch is being banned in favor of the oh so wonderful meals served by your local elementary school. Those fine folks who bring you greasy pizza and corn on Friday ( Remember that??)

I could bitch on all day long about this and list the crap-tastic school food as yet another reason why we don't send our kids to school but in fact I want to walk you in another direction when it comes to this topic. So far I have not seen it really covered from this angle so let's look at it as yet another erosion of parental choice by the school system. This is ticklish at best since honestly I don't have a lot of desire to come off as one of those shot-gun toting types in a long denim skirt and tennis shoes( Since I would NEVER  wear that!) but all the same it has me worried when parents lay down their rights to an organization that makes a profit off of their children at every turn. Yes at it's heart they are forcing you to pay for  substandard food* that they make a profit on!

As a parent I choose what my children eat to the greatest degree since I control the grocery shopping (bwhahahahaha) so as a rule lunch time around here means leftovers or make something yourself since quite frankly they are old enough ( Let's just call that home-ec ok?). After reading the school lunch article I went to see what my darlings had for lunch. Son -12.99 ( let's just call him son-13 from now on OK.. his birthday is next week)... anywhooo son- 13 was having left over smoked chicken ravioli and a spinach salad and some juice. Son 9.75 opted for a cheese and fruit plate and some whole grain crackers since son-13 did not leave another for him ( yes they fought) Over all good choices, made on their own based on a life time of good eating habits and what they could find in the kitchen.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not above a bit of fast food at times an I am even known for letting my kids have ice cream for breakfast on their birthday after all life should be fun and food should be enjoyed. For me providing good food for my family is one of my joys and responsibilities so for someone- anyone to say that they are going to take that right away from me, that really hacks me off and for the life of me I don't understand why parents put up with such a retraction of their  rights. But I guess that is yet another reason why we homeschool since if we didn't I would be all over this.. like brown on rice!

** Please note that I know there a LOT of parents who have also dropped the ball and let their kids take utter and total crap to school and call it lunch and that makes this subject difficult at best but stripping away another layer of rights from parents is not the answer.. at least in my world.


Unknown said...

Yeah when I was a kid I remember my mom sending me off with the bag lunch of PB&J on WonderBread, chips and a Little Debbie. This was after my morning Fruity Pebbles had worn off mind you so I was in serious sugar withdrawal by lunch! It wasn't until my Jr. High years when school started offering really crappy crap like the aforementioned pizza and corn, fried pork fritter sandwiches, faux hamburgers with tater tots, etc. That's when, you guessed it, Mom started letting me buy my lunch when I wanted to. I love my mom and she always made us a thoughtfully prepared dinner in spite of my veggie-phobic siblings (complete with admonitions to "drink your milk"). But it's plain that, even then, some parents just weren't that bothered over what we had for lunch (or breakfast....)The fact that they finally decided to profit from it is not too big a shock. Reason #879 why I homeschool.

Sherry said...

Yes, this is definately a tough one but this little power grab is unacceptable. There have always been kids that bring the lunches with zero nutritional value (that we all drooled over)and there always will be but don't touch my freedom to what I choose as a parent. grrr.

Unknown said...

I carried my lunch almost every day for all 13 years of school. Occasionally I'd opt for pizza day (yes, with corn and a roll) and ice cream on the side, but almost every day I packed my own lunch of a banana, apple slices, peanut butter crackers, and a cup for water.

Was this meal better than the school lunch? Absolutely! Not only was it my choice, it stopped me from having to choose between krispy treats, cookies, or ice cream as my meal of choice.

They get away with it because they say kids have the "freedom to choose" and if the parents have done their job right, the kids will choose only healthy food.

But here's the clencher - PARENTS DON'T KNOW!

They could ask every day "So what kind of crap did you eat at school today, Son?"

And the kid is going to respond with a complete list of all the sugar, carbs, and protein they've eaten in the variety of snacks, junk food, and greasy garbage from school? Hell no! They're going to LIE.

So here's my advice for all the kids living in that school district - claim you have a food allergy. They cannot ask you to prove it with a doctor's exam as that would be violating a patients right to privacy. Be smart - claim it, lie, and carry your own.

Or be really smart - drop out and finish your schooling in a community college where they won't treat you like a prison inmate.

Anonymous said...

That picture just clogged my arteries and gave me a heart attack.

Audrey Pettit said...

Totally agree with you on this one! That school fare is just crap. Neither one of my kids have ever even WANTED to eat a school lunch. I have packed for them from day one. :(