Chalk Paint Bench Basics

In the days ~PT~ ( Pre-Tornado) I was making my first forays into redecorating our living room, or more to the point doing this poor room once and for all since it has approached being done perhaps 3 times now when I have then faltered and backed away from what I wanted to do for one reason or another with most of the reasons hinging on the fact that what I really wanted/needed to do was to repaint the woodwork in the room.

For most homes this would not be a big thing, and in those moments I wish I had those homes. But I have my home, my home that I love with all my heart and soul but dang we have a crazy  LOT of woodwork.. and 10 -12 ceilings and floor to ceiling built in book cases that all must too be painted, it's CRAZY.. did I mentioned 60+ feet of dental moulding in just the front room?  ~ I am feeling faint just thinking about it~

So instead I avoided all that and decided to paint a bench instead....  I nice sized project to once again try out my Annie Sloan Chalk paint which I was turned on to my the wonderful Miss Mustardseed!   The bench started out yellow, with a liberal coating of dirt since it had been sitting on the back screened in porch for the past year(s).

It's sturdy nature, nice lines and prefect fit in my faux-yer*  saw me through over an hour of scrubbing with Murphy's oil soap. Which in my mind honestly is not a bad thing since I love the smell of that stuff... I use it all the time, I could totally be a spokes-person for them! 

So once all washed and dried I painted on a coat of the Louis Blue Annie Sloan and was thrilled again with ease of which the paint went on with NO PRIMING... oh heavens how I love that! I did not get all tied in knots if the paint was not puuuuurrffect since I knew I was going to be sanding it back, distressing the edges and generally giving it a more warm and loved appearance.

The paint dries very fast so that night I was able to sand back the finish  easily and then I called it quites for the day.. the next day dawned and we promptly had a tornado.  So.. now I am ready to wax my bench ... please come back to see that tomorrow and if I can totally get it together I will be doing a video tutorial on how to use the wax to it's greatest advantage!

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Tell me.. what projects have you been putting off because them seem so daunting??? - make me feel better :)

**Faux-er - the area where any other house would have a foyer but mine does not, so I created one! :)

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Audrey Pettit said...

Ok, I'm totally loving how that bench looks with it's new coat of paint. Chalk paint? How crazy gorgeous that is! Can't wait to see it all waxed up and in it's final spot. :)