Coffee & Cotton.... Who Do I Love

I titled this post Coffee and Cotton, but I should have called it ..... My Crafty Doppelganger. Since Robyn is indeed that without the evil part I assure you!

Did you know it's possible to have a wonderful friend for well over 13 years, to have cried with  them, to have rejoiced them and to have never met them in person? To have a relationship so comfortable and long lasting that it survives extended periods when you don't talk and yet the other flits through your mind at the oddest times as you go about your crafty day.

Honestly if it were not for the few years that separates us  I would be worried that my parents had left an extra baby in the hospital when they brought me home since on a very regular basis you can find us buying the same fabrics, facing them same struggles and delighting in the same things with out the knowledge that the other is at that very time doing the same thing from many states apart. Later when we find out I would not bat an eye if that spooky movie music started playing when an unexplained event occurs.

A fine example, of fabric bought within hours of each other.

Mind you this all works out really well for me since Robyn is insanely talented,  so much so that she is the owner and designer of  Kongo Handmade Cycling Necessities and the  incredibly popular ( not to mention adorable) blog, Coffee & Cotton.  Did I also mention that she designs websites?.. see.. easy to understand why I come out on the good end of this doppelganger deal!

If you don't know Robyn already pop over and give her a visit. She will reward you with her sweet and sassy take on life, sewing and mothering a big brood!.. oh yeh..  did I mention she has 9 kids?  Makes me feel like a total piker being the mother of only 6 !

Here is to you Ms. Robyn ~ You Rock my world.. and that's the way I like it!

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NotaSupermom said...

I love Robyn!I'd love to see pictures of the Flat Robin we had with us on our trip.