Coolibar Winner!!!!

You know you are such a dork when you are shaking with excitment to draw the winner of a hat giveaway. But dang.. this is a great hat !!!  I know since it's sitting right here on the desk next to me, yes dear winner I am feeling up your soon to be hat!

It's just like the hat in the photo but a very "Out of Africa" shade of oatmeal. The winner is going to LOVE it! Coolibar outdid themselves with this hat and a BIG thank you goes out to them for this wonderful prize.

So I suppose you want to know who is the winner is huh????.... well with no further ado!.... drum roll please ~^~~^~^~^~^~^~^~^  the winner is

Comment number 5!!    Lisa Fox you are the winner of the hat!!!!

Anonymous said...
T and I need a new hat too! Maybe add one of your lovely flowers? Can you show us how to make a sunflower or daisy?

Dear Lisa, please leave a comment here and then contact me at or on the Domestic Anarchy FB page so I can make arrangements to get the hat to you!

And thanks to ALL of you for taking the time to play along. While this has been tons of fun ( if you forget that Blogger decided to take a holiday in the middle of it all)  I want to remind all of you that Sun protection is SO important and I  ask you to take time to watch this video as a reminder of that.  As a special note to those who have teens or who are themselves hitting tanning beds, tanning bed use DOUBLES your chance of Malignant Melanoma.  Skin cancer happens that way too!!

You are all important to me... take care,



Audrey Pettit said...

You are cracking me up with your "feeling up" of the new hat! :) congrats to Lisa for her win. Sounds like she could really use it and cherish it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I never ever win a thing; and on a day that Tori could really use it. She will be so very happy to hear in the morning.

Next she will agree with you regarding sun protection, and insist that I wear the hat most frequently. She wants to slow down my growing wrinkles, which she continues to try to smooth out. Blemishes from sun tanning days.

Thank you Maddie!

Lisa Fox

Stitchfork said...

Hats off to the winner Lisa!
xo Cathy