Creating the Lost Love Hair Bloom- and a Giveaway

Edit 5/7/11- Audrey you are the winner of the  hair Bloom kit, please drop me a note so I can get it into the mail to you!
I almost feel like I should apologize for  how fast and easy this project is, except for the fact that it is fast, easy and a lot of fun not to mention that it's very economical!  This would be a wonderful craft for a mom's night or pre-teen crafting party since all of the supplies are easy to find and easy on the wallet!

Let's get started!

You will need the following :
1 roll of crepe paper - nicer party stores have some lovely shades but at the very least you can find white every where.
Faux flower Stamens- you can find these in the crafty bridal section
Metal spring hair clips-   packs of 10 go for less tha $3
Hair barrette crafting blanks -  Looks like THIS
Hot Glue
White school glue
Fine crafting glitter - Martha Stewart has some wonderful colors in her line of crafting supplies.

You will start by ruffling or pleating your paper.  I did mine on the sewing machine with a ruffling or gathering foot, both work and do a great job of giving you super fluffy blooms.  I sewed off about 3 yards at a time and this part could be done before you hosted an event to make things easier and more speedy.

Make sure to have the glue gun ready  but think about some fast drying craft glue if you do this  project with younger children since even I who use a hot glue gun all the time burned myself twice on this project!

Glue the blank to the barrette. Don't wait till after since it will then be very difficult to get a good bond with the blank since you need to really hold it there while it dries.  After the glue has cooled let the clip sit while you make the bloom.

Take your pleated or gathered crepe and start rolling it up adding dots of glue as you go. Keep the bottom flat so it will sit well on the blank. Keep rolling until you like the size of your bloom. Secure the last end  with some extra glue.

Flip your bloom over and fluff it out a bit.  Crepe paper in quite stretchy so no worries that it will rip , but don't be violent or anything!

Put a bit of glue in the center of the bloom and insert the pearl stamens.   After giving that a moment to cure use the hot glue to  secure the bloom to the clip blank and then give that time to cure before you add color and glitter to your bloom.

There are multiple ways to embellish your bloom.  I inked mine with a sepia toned ink and then used school glue on the edged of the petals ( put it on with a paint brush) then sprinkled glitter onto the bloom.  I also chose to add a faded carnival ticket to my bloom since it was just sitting there on my desk and I found it to fit my mood when I was crafting this time.

Roughly speaking this craft cost about $1.25 per clip ( using coupons for the supplies) making it doable for just about any fun event.  If you make one of these please send me a photo.. I would love to feature it here on Domestic Anarchy!

moving right along........

 Domestic Anarchy GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ok!... now time for the giveaway!  This is for all my friends ( want to be a friend?, just sign up through one of the  options on the left sidebar!- it's easy!) I have a wonderful little kit with all the basic supplies so that you to can make 2 of the Faded Love Blooms - one for you and one for a friend!  Just leave a comment letting me know you are a friend and you will be in the running.. I will pick the winner on Saturday!!


Susan said...

I love it! I recommended your blog to another friend last night.

Anonymous said...

Maddie, hoping to have a chance at the give away! Tori is finally finding her feminine side and it is so much fun to share a few girlie things. She would be my friend in this project. :)


fairyrocks said...

Well you make it look easy....I am thinking I would need at least one more thumb to make it work. It is gorgeous. I am a friend and would love to share your awesome project!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Awesome! LOVE that hair barrette! I love making flowers from crepe paper, and you just knocked this one out of the ballpark, girl!

Mimi said...

I would love to do this project. Don't you just love all the flowers we're seeing in hair? I'm also lookiing forward to seeing the completed bench you're working on!