Dance With The One Who Brung Ya

Today is Mother's Day here in the United States, that means all over our fine nation mothers are eating undercooked pancakes and  burned bacon made by little sticky hands or waiting in the world longest line for a halfway decent brunch, it's tradition after all!

Here in Anarchy we are taking it slow and just enjoying the time together, even if that time means we happen to be gutting my new studio space and eating breakfast from McDonalds- egg McMuffin anyone?? 

Don't get me wrong, I am not turning down any of the gifts to be laid at my feet on this day I just happen to be a bit more low key about it, enjoying and hoping for a day to happily hang with the family and my man, after all ..he is the one that got me here.

This is Dr. Anarchy, Doc if you will, and he is the love of my life and they reason I can be the sort of mother I have always wanted to be. Without him and his support it would be impossible to do all I do and stay sane. People often ask how I get so much done. Well a good deal of the credit goes to this man and his support of me as a person and me as a mother. Hair brained idea?- he's got my back, over scheduled?...he is cool with scrambled eggs for dinner. Want a big new expensive sewing machine? he's right there checkbook in hand urging me to go for it.  I cannot really say enough about a man who not only brings home the bacon but is understanding if I throw it in the fridge and ask to get taken out to dinner after a hard day on mommy duty.

Doc is one of those husband's other women wish they had and the sort that every women deserves. The kind of guy who just yesterday (while 6 states away!) took the time to text me in the middle of his busy day to tell me that my photo on his phone " took his breath away" and" made him ache to see me again". As a mother in the middle of my own havoc filled day it was a total ego boost and heart melter and went a long way towards me feeling very loved and appreciated in my job.

  All this to say - Thanks dude, you make this whole motherhood gig a whole lot easier, I couldn't do it without you!!!!

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SewCalGal said...

Wonderful post Maddie. I'm so very happy you have Doc. He is a partner for a lifetime and you are a wonderful spouse and mother! Happy Mother's Day.