Do You Like My Hat?

Do you like my hat?..good! Since you will be seeing a lot of me in this hat and the multiple others that I own. Spring is here so as opposed to the many friends I have who are sun worshipers and tanning divas I dive under my big brimmed hats, slather on the sun screen and hide under the shade of a tree. 

I am *blessed* with both photosensitive and wildly pale skin these in combination with and because of the ~Big L~ means that I am the girl most likely to be wearing at hat at any Spring or Summer event.

Hat wearing comes with it's own challenges, including finding decent hats that don't make you look like a member of the Royal Family or a church lady.  I am LOVING so many of these hats by Coolibar .  I will be making that Monaco Wide brim MINE!

Hair styles for hat wear are also important since the wrong style means you end up with the dreaded "hat hair" should you need to take off your hat at some point during your day.   I find that a  tight low pony tail works  ( see my avatar pic)  well as to the ever popular pig tails :) ( above)

Least but possibly the most vexing.. most people just do not wear hats today so you have to been totally cool with being looked at if you are going to wear a lot of hats since short of growing a second head I don't think I could get people to look at me any more than when I wear at hat. - go figure! 

Confidence is the key.. so much so that it sparks multiple comments each time I wear a hat, women commenting in longing tones about wanting to wear a hat but feeling silly or conspicuous. Men telling me how much they like it..or ever better ..that it's very sexy ~sigh~  got to love that!

 So go put on a hat, it protects your face from wrinkles, your hair from fading and all of you from the harmful cancer causing effect of the sun.  Even better.. send me a photo of you in a hat and I will post it  here... and I will see what I can do about whipping up a hat contest for the masses!!!


Rhissanna said...

Thank you, thank you thank you for the Hats link! Yes, I love the Queen, but she has to wear hats that show her face and make her stand out in a crowd. Church ladies here in Arkansas don't wear hats, not even on Easter Sunday. There are no hats, apart from Wal*Mart's token wide-brim and they're always HUGE and come down over my eyes. So, as a pale Brit in a Southern state, I'm really grateful for this.

Yes please, I'll take a hat!

(Hubby likes them on me, too, so, win:win!)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I can wear hats and do so on a fairly regular basis. I almost always wear one at the beach or pool. I am a swarthy Italian girl and I still make sure I protect my skin from the sun. That's why I only look like I'm 40 even though I'm really 72.

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

You know I love hats! I'm thinking of branching out and designing more than just cycling hats. I'll gladly use you as my model :)

Audrey Pettit said...

What a fun post! Totally makes me smile. I have to admit to never wearing a hat. Ever. I just look ridiculous in them. Only hats I've ever worn were when I was a kid and was in softball. I do also admit to staying out of the sun as much as possible, though. I'm the only one up at the neighborhood pool hanging out under the covered awning. :)