Dreamcicle Berry Triffle - Anarchy Kitchen

You know you want some!

I can say without hesitation that this dessert was incedibly well received when taken to a wonderful little pot-luck picnic that we went to this past week and I have been asked multiple times already for the recipe so..what's a blogger to do but post it up to share!

I made this with Doc in mind since he loves loves creamy,orange and cold! This trifle wins on all those fronts and then adds in berries and AngelFood cake, so good it's sinful!  Even better there are two ways to make this. One is more classic and the other gets you in and out of the kitchen at the speed of light! Not to mention it stays nice and cold  without much hassle on your part.

I am going to give you the easy version and if you are driven mad with interest I will also give you the classic version upon request.

1 Angelfood cake
2 tubs Cool whip (defrosted)
4 little portions of Vanilla Swiss Miss pudding
1 tablespoon orange liqueur or real orange extract
14oz of frozen mixed berries ( keep them frozen)

Here we go..honestly it will take you longer to read this than to do it...
Cut the Angelfood cake up into bite sized cubes and put 1/2 the cubes in a big bowl ( reserve the other 1/2 you will need them!)
In a different bowl put the pudding and add the orange liqueur then fold  in the Cool Whip until barely incorporated.
In the bowl with the layer of AngelFood cubes now put half the Cool Whip mixture on top of the cubes and toss lightly. Then put 1/2 the frozen berries on top of that. Then add the rest of the cubes and then the rest of the Cool Whip  this time just putting the whip on top, not mixing it with the cubes ( so it looks like a nice fluffy cloud on top!).. Now use up the rest of the berries on the top..ohhh pretty!

Keep it cold till 1/2 hour before serving but  then make sure to take it out so the berries start to get soft and lovely.  That's it and you will be called a food goddess.. which it totally not bad for 15 minutes of work on your part!


The Quiltwhinny said...

Oh my! Looks delicious and sounds easy. Thanks for sharing. I'd also like your longer version.

Audrey Pettit said...

Man, looks soooooooooo good! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)