Geek T's

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Now... onto today's post......

While not the most pressing problem of humanity I do find the general direction of  Summer clothing for boys and young men  to be depressingly stupid, inappropriate and down right unappealing.  Have you seen the t-shirts that are marketed at young boys these days? What is it about the glorification of stupid  or gross when it comes to design for your boys? 

What about rockin the cool and the smart- the kid who does not think that Captain Underpants and R.L. Stein novels are good literature! How about something for those wonderfully geeky kids who delight in the periodic table and wait around the mailbox for the next issue of Popular Science? - yep I am talking about my kids and a whole bunch of other kids who think science and smart rock! 

There is nothing out there for these wonderfully smart kids! What's a geek-mom to do??

Well with the help of the ever so wonderful Graphics Fairy I have taken things into my own hands and am making shirts that are a perfect fit for my own little geeks and maybe yours too!

The first is a total geek mash up of a vintage microscope image, typography from the computer folks themselves HP, and a very cool frame which is also from the Graphics Fairy. I have composed this as a 8x10 printable to be used with TAP ( Transfer Artist Paper) for use on classic cotton t-shirts that most young boys love for keeping cool in the Summer.

 I have it  for Free Download HERE. Please understand this printable file is for personal geeky use only but I would love to see a photo of your little geek wearing it!

Here is one of  mine wearing his!... and yes he is actually reading Popular Mechanics,  Oddly right now the book he is reading is Outliers  by Malcom  Gladwell but he thought that was too weird  to have in a photo that kid!

As I prepare and post other graphics for Geek-T's I will be posting the information on my Domestic Anarchy FB page so make sure to join up over there so you don't miss the news!

* In other news please note that Doc and I will be back next week with Marriage on Monday.


carol said...

I Love that your kids like smart stuff. Try this website, my teens argue over the cataog when it comes, they mark pages for t-shirts and stuff for christmas and birthdays. Previous years I bought the stuffed germs for my doctor husbands office for christmas gag gifts. the docs and nurses loved them. They fought over who got what germ, funny. Carol from MN

Anonymous said...

I think us nerds are hip again. Thank you Big Bang Theory!

Stitchfork said...

We LOVE microscopes in this house!
xo Cathy

fairyrocks said...

Nicely done, the graphics and the handsome son!!!

Kathryne said...

Good looking son. Of course all your children are.


Unknown said...

This turned out great!! It looks so cute on your son!! I should make one for my Dad, he's a retired scientist. One of his favorite toys as a kid was his little child's size microscope!

Hands Sew Full said...

Oh, I love this! I am a geek Mom and have also stepped away from the media "crap" that I don't want rattling around in my children's heads! Love this shirt it is perfect! Can't wait for future additions.