My Chattanooga - The Insyde Outsyde Shop

Want to come shopping with me??

I love furniture with history. Pieces that make you wonder who had them before you and how they lived in the past. My house is filled with vintage items, but none to precious that they are not used every day and in every way!
 There is rarely a time that someone walks into my home and does not ask where I got something, and very often the answer is... The Insyde Outsyde shop!

The shop is packed to the rafters with wonderful vintage pieces like this Barley Twist dresser at prices that will make you do silly little dances of affordable excitement!

Or how about this piece?... swoon, yes! Lust! if I had seen this I would have totally made it mine! Things go fast at the shop so I try to check in as often as possible and when friends come into town it's the first place that I take them so they can share in the goodness.

My newest piece from the shop is a beautiful  armoire ( a bit smaller than the one above) that is getting ready for some Annie Solan Chalk paint to really make it sing.   I am STILL dithering on the color since I love all the white on white I am seeing out there but the truth is I am a color girl.. just love it.. it makes me happy so while not what the majority are doing these days  I think it will end up some luscious color that makes my heart sing.. now if I just knew what the color was I would be set!

In any case, if you are looking for the coolest vintage finds around lets make a date and go to the Insyde Outsyde shop together..ok?

The Insyde Outsyde Shop
5006 Dayton Boulevard Chattanooga, TN 37415
(423) 875-9828

* This is a non-compensated post, I just happen to love the shop and like to share my  addiction excitement with others! When you get over there tell Victoria I sent you!


Anonymous said...

Must come shopping with you when we buy a house next year.

Dina said...

Woooh! This dresser is really neat! :)
I'd go for it too.

Audrey Pettit said...

Eeeek! You are killing me, Maddie! This is just the type of shop that I dream about!
I love, love, love vintage things. Love mixing vintage with modern in my own house. I think you end up with a really interesting collection of stuff, completely unique to YOU that way.
Hope your back is feeling better!

melodymellinger said...

Just found your site via Graphics Fairy. I am from RInggold but have not lived there for 30 years but my parents still do. Going to have to visit some of the shops you have posted on my next visit.