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If you have been hanging around here for any length of time you know that the Anarchy Estate is a big old rambling house that is going on 100 years old. It has been through some major renovations in it's time and some of them were not kind to this old gal and we have spent considerable time and money undoing much of what was done badly in the past. Orange Formica anyone??

Doc and I became the stewards of Anarchy about 10 years ago and had grand plans to have her fixed up in 5 years from the date of purchase. Even those with "slow" math skills can see that we have over-shot the mark to say the least considering we are only about 70% done here in May of 2011. Honestly, like most projects the devil is in the details and while I love the grand vision there is nothing sexy about scraping and painting trim.

Putting in staircases...Oh yeh!, ripping down walls and putting up new ones?.... ooobaby...nothing makes my heart beat faster and Doc and I have done it all over the past 10 years. And when I say "we" did it I mean WE DID IT.  A construction grade Sawsall and I are on close speaking terms and I even have my own air huh?  But when it comes to some jobs I am HAPPY.. neigh delirious to hand them over to a professional. Trim work is one of those things as is drywall finishing. I can do both, but others can do it better and I am happy to pay them for that service.

That is where Terey Rawlinson comes in.  He is the owner of Rawlinson Construction and he is a wizard when it comes to framing and finishing so your house looks like a million dollars. I first meet Terey when  he came to mud the walls of my newly hung drywall 3-4 years ago. This man left me with walls that were smooth as a baby's butt! And not to mention he was kind, polite and respected my house as if it were his own.  I can tell you that these are uncommon traits in many construction trades ( some day I will tell you about the crew who were caught doing pot in my house!!)  so I appreciated him all the more when it became evident that he cared about a  job well done.

Terey books up fast but when you call him drop my name and if you make  a wicked-good batch of chocolate chip cookies I would mention that to ( never hurts, you know what I mean?)  

Terey Rawlinson- Rawlinson Construction

Happy home renovations Chattanooga!

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fairyrocks said...

Love that your DS is so in tune with himself and those glasses are GREAT!!
I am not a flashy party girl. I abhore that TV show with the very rich Parents who buy the children with no drivers liscences the cars and have big name bands for the entertainment...don't get me started...(Even if I had the dough for that type of thing, I would NEVER!!)
I was the mom who brought the bubbles and butterfly nets...much to the pooh pooh of the electric cars and expensive lego providers...but, guess what the children were playing with?...Thats right and they were having a blast.
Save it for the graduation and the weddings people!!