My Grand Experiment- Pet style

Here at the Anarchy Estate we are sort of  wild about pets. We are blessed to be able to love and care for 2 Great Danes, 2 Westies, 5 cats and 1 bird.  With the exception of one cat with an attitude it's a rather peaceable kingdom and you can often find the Danes out on the deck sunning themselves with the outdoor cat and the Westies are known to share their kibble with their indoor feline friends.

Of course this does mean I scoop a lot of litter and buy a whole lot of pet food. The pet food is budgeted for but the time it takes to shop for it is actually what gets in my way so I thought I would see if there was an answer for my problem to be found out there in the wondrous World Wide Web.... and sure enough there was.  Like the ever so wonderful there is an online place to get your pet food and have it delivered for FREE*  ~ Did you hear that.. I think it might be angels singing!~

Even better they carried our brand of dog food and  even the very picky type of cat food that my dear cat needs for his recurrent bladder infections.

I personally would not have been all that opposed to changing foods but the Great Danes would have! Previously when we have ever tried they have gotten gas so bad that they bark at their own rumps each time they emitted a gaseous blast. It was so foul that we had to leave the room!  Funny yes, but dogs that big with upset stomachs is not a pretty sight to say the least!

I went ahead and set up delivery based on how I usually shop for our dog food but have been assured that I can modify that schedule as necessary. The scheduled shipping gives me free delivery and because I dont' live in their shipping state it's tax free!  ~happy day~

I am excited to make yet another step towards freeing up more of my time to do more of the sort of things that I want to be doing ( sewing, playing with the kids down by the pool....). Since I have to admit, as much as I love my animals I don't love the weekly trip to the pet store for more supplies!

PetFlow wants to get out the word about how easy it is to get your good looking Fed-ex driver  (uhhh ok.. maybe yours is not ..but mine sure is!) to bring your pet it's kibble and I am thrilled to help them!...  Click  HERE  and you can check it out yourself. Watch for the pop up offer for free shipping for orders over $59 orreally low  flat rate shipping on any order ( oh yeh!) and give it a try. Let me know if you think it saves you time and I promise to report back on my experience as well!

* I am a PetFlow Ambassador and think they rock but I draw the line at kibble tasting, just sayin'. As always I promise you my honest opinion, even if it hurts.


Audrey Pettit said...

Very cool! So nice to find these time-savers. I order my dog food from a small local company, and they deliver free. Love, love that! Thanks for passing on this great info.

Anonymous said...

Well it's a great idea anyways. But the 52 pound bag we buy now is less than their 30 pound bag and they don't even carry that size. So, much as I'd like delivery, I'll have to keep shopping. :-)

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Well dang!.out Nutro they have in the big bag and he price compares to my local store it's about $3 more than the store but I can deal with that. I hear that quite afew towns have pet-food delivery. sounds like it might be a good small biz!