Photoshop Love

Have I ever mentioned how much I love playing around in Photoshop? Taking a photo that I love and then adding a bit of a boost to it. Maybe aging it a bit to fit my hazy Summer memory of a terrific weekend on Tybee Island. Yeh, I love Photoshop

How about you? Are you using photoshop with your photos?
Are you hooking up with the great actions from Pioneer Woman?
If not you should!


Stitchfork said...

Love photoshop! Need to learn more skills within it tho. Will have to go see Pioneer Woman too. Hope you had a great holiday weekend!
xo Cathy

Audrey Pettit said...

ooh, love the hazy look of this. Looks slightly vintage, and oh, so artsy. I use a really old version of Photoshop.......but I'm a real dorkus with it. Only know how to do the bare minimum.