Please Join Me in Having a Soulful Summer.... Firefiles

Here at the Anarchy Estate Summer starts this weekend and will be enjoyed all the way to September when the boys will start back to formal lessons.Of course by no means does Summer mean the end of learning, just a more casual pace and lots of popcicles!

This Summer I am going to strive for the feeling I remember from my childhood of never ending days that offered opportunity at every turn. Even if that opportunity was just a lazy nap in the hammock.

To start our weekend right we are going to have our first Firefly watch of the Summer.  These glowing little friends are a great reflection of our ecosystem and can be found in both rural and urban locations making them lots of fun for kids of all ages!

With little more than a mason jar, each night we will embrace the falling dark and watch for the first glimmer in the bushes,the first twinkle that welcomes the night. We might just sit and watch, or we might catch and release using a mason jar with air holes punched in the top. If feeling quite ambitious we will learn more about Firefiles using this page HERE

I invite you to join me


design elements said...

off to see...happy weekend

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, that sounds so blissful! I grew up in CA, where we didn't have fireflies, but I so remember those blissful loooooong summer days and that carefree feeling. And now, living in the South, we get fireflies. I have so many memories are chasing and catching them when my kiddos were little. Really makes me nostalgic and happy. It's too early for them here, yet.....but I can't wait.
We still have 3 weeks of school to go, but we're sure in anticipation mode. Hope you guys have the most wonderful summer ever!