A So Sweet Treat

It's May so the bloggy world is all a-buzz with Teacher Appreciation gifts. These gifts are a cute, creative and for the most part totally wasted on my family since we home school. 
Of course there are a million other cool people our life who deserve a little thank-you  and it's them I had in mind as I created this  quick little project.  The bee skep image is from the always wonderful GraphicsFairy and around the border I added the wording. ~You Are So Sweet~  and then ~Thanks of all do!~ along the bottom of the skep. I printed the images out on card stock and then used my scallop scissors to cut around the circles.  I used a micro-hole punch to make the hole for the ribbon.

I used some totally adorable  WECK European canning jars  (style 762) and filled them with Raspberry Honey bought in bulk. Sealed them and then covered each with a doily from my collection of such things ( uh yeh, it's a sickness, I know). Tied the ribbon around the doily and neck of the jar and through the tag and then I was done.

If you are not a total freak job with a stash of 100  a lot of doilies I would suggest cutting circles of burlap or Onsburg fabric for the top. If no fabric resides in your crafting stash I would suggest a neutral toned tissue paper or even newspaper clipped with cute scissors would have it's own sort of charm.  No ribbon?.. jute or a rustic type garden string would also fit the bill.   As for my super sweet canning jars?.. they are hard to find and right now I am down to just a few, so if were to make this again I would use the equally cute but oh so much easier to find itty bitty Ball Quilted jelly jars in the  4 oz size   You can find these are most hardware stores.

So.. who do you need to thank???


Audrey Pettit said...

Too, too stinkin' cute, is what I think! Awesome teacher appreciation gift, or any gift for that matter!

Connie said...

What an adorable project, I love it! We home school too! I always find myself loving the appreciation gifts everyone does, who would we give them to...ourselves?? :)