Still Stitchin!

I have had a lot of questions asking if I am still doing embroidery design work and creating collections, which is quite flattering if I do say so!  I am working on a bit of stuff but have the decided luxury of having a lot of other projects going so must admit that have not been doing a lot of design work for the past few moths.

It often takes something that catches my eye to draw me back to the design pad and just yesterday I ran into such an image. Of course it was over on the Graphics Fairy ( do you ever tire of me telling you that?)..  It was an image of two Seahorses that inspired this design.

This is a computer generated stitch image of the design I am currently working on... the computer generation is so good that you can even see a flaw I need to fix before I even stitch the first sample!  As you see I jumped deep into the color-pots with this and the pink and green are so fun but it would also sew out very nicely tone on tone for those who embrace a more calm color view!  Adding the Candle Wicking-esque was inspired by my friend Cathy over at Stitchfork. Her's use of CW got me to thinking and this design seemed a great place to put it!

I can't help but think that this image has a bit of Mackenzie-Child's sort of influence to it.  I have long loved MC stuff, and while some of it is a bit over the top for even me, my closet passion for such seems to seep more and more to my life these days.. maybe some day I will make the full plunge into such a color and pattern saturated life!

I suspect the new design will be up some time next week if not before then. So check back or sign up on the  e-mail notification at the top of the page since I will be giving away 10 copies of the design when it's ready!

Want to test stitch it for me on your machine?
It's 5x7 and I would need you report back by the end of the weekend
If so leave your name and machine type and I will pick 2 people for the task!


Gene Black said...

Sadly I have only a 4 by 4 field for embroider

Anonymous said...

I like this one! and would be happy to test it in JEF format.You can reach me at dragonsecrets @

Kim Banta said...

I can test it in PES or DST for you! I just got back from the lake and hubby is still there, so I can play! Just let me know. Cathy at Stitchfork is my cyber-buddy, too! QuirkyKim