Top 5 Salads of Summer

Do you like salad?  We do and we eat a lot of them in the Summer. I try to do at least one salad dinner per week and I might even sneak an extra one in if it's heavy on the meat since my brood love their meat! There are a ton of good recipes out there but if you are short on inspiration here are a few of my favorites!
  1. Bread Salad - Ripe tomatoes, good bread, killer olive oil not to mention the soft motz. make this one a family favorite.   THIS is a good base recipe and then I add an subtract extras based on what looks good at the produce stand that day.
  2. Warm Spinach Salad- This one is a love it or hate is sort of affair. I love it! Flavorful and with baby spinach so easy to get these days it's quick to make. I add more eggs and a bit more bacon and drop the nutmeg but otherwise THIS is how I make mine.
  3. CousCous Salad - This could not be much easier and it's best done early in the day so the flavors mellow.. LOVE IT!
  4. Pasta Salad with Sun Dried Tomatoes - YUMMMMM!  I add grilled chicken to THIS to make it really sing!
  5. Black and Blue Salad - Early in the week when I cook some steak I make an extra with just THIS salad in mind. If you love beef and blue cheese this is the recipe for you!
So, what other salads should I add to my list?  It there one I missed that you just love?  Let me know and maybe  I will add it to my Summer line up!

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Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, my stomach is rumbling.....:)
We're awfully fond of the simple chicken Caesar salad at our house.