Wild Skilz! - Tools On Tuesday

Teach your kids wild Ninja style knife skills and you shall never want for help removing icky carpeting from your rentals!  Yep it's true,  by the time my kids are 4 they are allowed to use kitchen knives with supervision and by  6-8ish they get their first small pocket knives.  Which if you follow this course it means that at 9 you get to help mom and use the really sharp carpet knife and be the one to take down a whole staircase full of carpeted glory. 

Knife skills are not just for Boy Scouts!   All children should be given the chance to learn and use knives in both safe and productive ways. We here in Anarchy are firm believers in life skills from the get-go. Used responsibly a small pocket knife is a wonderful tool to teach resourcefulness and independence. ( Yes,  I am aware that if your kid goes to school they cannot have a knife, or packet of Tums or even particually vicious looking cotton balls but give it a try on the weekend!)

Once a child is of an age to understand the rules of the knife then it's time to entrust them with their first small Swiss knife.

  • Knives are not toys- if you are caught treating it like a toy it will be removed from you for a year, no debate.
  • Respect the circle of safety - your circle is your arms reach around you. You may not be closer to a knife user than that and others may be no closer to you.
  • Knives may not be used to pry things open, knife blades shatter.
  • Cut away from your body - ALWAYS
  • Keep the blade clean and dry.
So... ready to try this?.... need something to carve?... try Soap!  The good people at Ivory have even made a page all about how to soap carve... got to love that. look here!

** nope, the Ivory people don't know me from dirt, but I do think they make the best soap for carving!


Sherry said...

Love this! I too am a huge believer in teaching kids how to use tools and fire in a responsible way. As a result I have a 10 year old that can fix things better than many grown men:)

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Yet another parent fighting the pussification of America. Way to go Maddie!!!!