Bloggers of a Certain Age

While totally enjoying my little blog fest today I was smacked in the face with the knowledge that I am an ~ older blogger~.  Of course no one was so rude as to mention it but one rather popular blogger made mention that her husband was celebrating a birthday soon and when mentioning how old he would be it  hit me full force that had I been a more precocious or unprotected young lady in my late teens I could be the mother to this blogger's husband!..  Her husband was only 4 year older than my oldest child!!!

Don't get me wrong.. I am totally enjoying this ride through my mid 40's but it did give me pause and then a reason to poke around and find that many of today's more influential bloggers are young... really young... like way under 30 sort of young.. and this makes me wonder if them being young bloggers makes me an old blogger ?  And does it make any difference?

I can assure you that I am worrying about this way more than I should but not on one of those deep angst filled levels but in a way that has me thinking about where I belong when it comes to things like blogging conferences and such.  My days of diapers, night feeds and potty chairs is long passed and now I have teenagers, estrogen therapy and deciding if I should cover my emerging gray or not.

It is my greatest hope that it will be a trade of sorts, they will share their energy and  enthusiasm for raising a young family and creating a home which I always find very inspiring and I and other bloggers of "a certain age" can share our long term vision and experience as those who have emerged somewhat on the other side of many  experiences with war tales to tell and support to offer.

So tell me.. how do you feel that your age or attitude fits with today's blogging world.. do you feel in stream, fallen to the side or are you paddling for smooth water? Please share......


Emily said...

I'm going to be 30 this year and it's hit me rather hard. I know that's not very old to some but I'm the mom of three boys and it just seems like somedays life get's by me. I do have to say though that when it comes to blogging I never worry about how old I am beecause most of the time I never realize how old the people I follow are. I think I just go with the flow of things. I like to know there are people older then me out there sharing their wisdom. I may still be raising and feeding babies but it's nice to see what happens after that's all over.

Georgie Horn said...

Some of the young women I work with are younger than my 25 year old daughter. It's a bit daunting, because we always see ourselves as that 20 year old, don't we? My father, 83 years old, gets so mad at his body because it won't do what he used to do with no problems.

He has said to me, "G**Dam* Georgie, I feel like a 25 year old, but my GD body won't cooperate!! I am understanding that statement more and more as my years tick by.

carol said...

While I don't feel old, my body doesn't do things I want it to anymore, but I went to my embroidery club at my local dealer and I'm one of the youngest there. So There.

I got to travel with the local Univeristy a few years back to Turkey and one of the Dean made a big fuss over how old I am, the Dean was only 2 years older than me. I solved that by showing off pictures of my grandkids. I was extremely flattered by the fact they didn't think I could be 40+.

I don't want to change the age I am, but I'd love to have the 20's body back. I'm to old to have kids, but my hormones aren't ready to let go. I'm ready for the nightsewats to be over.

Just remember:
"I am HOT, Now it comes in Flashes!"

fairyrocks said...

You are still just a child to me... I could be your older sister, without saying too much.... I say some blogs I read do tell the age of the blogger by the writing.(sometimes I am nostalgic about this, sometimes I want them to 'get over it') Others come out with such wisdom and insight that I am surprised at the age of the author. I like wisdom and temperance, I also love funny, slightly twisted and creative. So, I guess the age thing doesn't bother me. At least blogger doesn't show me stretching these old creaky bones in the morning. And I say go ahead and dye the grey, just be aware after a few years its hard to stop dying it because those whitties breed under the dye job. LOL
Oh, and unless you have a very wrinkle free face, do not go will make you look like a witch...just my own personal 'older' opinion mind you.
Carry on and
.. BTW you fit my enjoyable blogger criteria.

SewCalGal said...

Oh Maddie, I thought you were a sweet young teenager. Are you now telling me you are old? hmm. Doubtful. You have too much life in you to be old. And I don't think age matters when it comes to blogging, quilting, sewing, or embroidery anyway.

Time to go take my "be young forever" pill. LOL!


Berta said...

I sometimes feel "old" and sometimes like a "kid". It depends on the day and the circumstance :)

I have some much younger friends and much older. If you have the same interests and enjoy each others company, I don't think age really makes a difference.

I would never want to be an age other than the one I am now. I am happier now than when I was younger. But the experiences in my life have shaped who I am and new experiences will change who I am in the future. We should just enjoy our lifes "cycles". And keep the hairdresser on speed dial when it comes to those "grey hairs" :-)

Grammy Goodwill said...

Such a funny post for me - I can relate to it. I intentionally gave away my generation by naming my blog Grammy Goodwill. That said, I am so impressed at how creative these bloggers are, young and old. They make me wish I could start over. However, I have also seen a few projects on blogs that I did back in the early 80's. That proves that everything eventually comes back in style.

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Sweet Thang... You KNOW how old I am and that's 13(?) years older than you. Yes, I think of this often. Do I fit in? Is it a "club" I can no longer join? I've been doing my website and now a blog since yes, I am ancient. BUT! I keep telling myself, dammit! I have a lot to offer those younger than me. You certainly do! We need to get our wisdom on and strut our curvy, mother-wise-homeschooling-veterans-crafty- artistic-selves and work our mojo. We DO have a lot to offer. We rock. Now...where did I put my confidence???

Audrey Pettit said...

I am definitely an "older" blogger. I can hardly remember the diaper days and what that was really like, as it feels like a whole other lifetime ago. And although many bloggers may still be living in those times now, there's plenty of room for all of us out there. That's one of the best things about this, in my opinion. :)

Diane said...

Two thoughts for you: No matter how old you get you will always be younger than me AND it doesn't matter because your outlook on life is timeless...I enjoy reading it as much as your younger fans. Common sense wrapped in love never goes out of style.