Chalk Paint Pallet Re-Mix Project!

Along with every other lifestyle and DIY blogger out there I am a real fan of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. And while expensive the coverage it gives as well as the final outcome of the project make it more than worth the money in my book.
A simple Google search brings back 459,000 hits so you know that it is being talked about and used!
The image search bring up 5,480 images for your inspiration!

What I noticed about many of the images was the use of lots of the Old White and ParisGrey and the Louis Blue  but not so much for the other colors which are DIVINE!

Of course you know I am all about the color and while I can admire a pale room for it's quiet beauty it is color that get my heart to beating!...

With that in mind I played about with my color sample card from my wonderful stockist
and came up with some alternative pallet combinations as well as a challenge!

click on image to see it larger!

Using just the pre-mixed colors available I have grouped them into themes that might inspire some of you and your use of the paint. This is by no means definitive, or approve by Annie Sloan but grouping the colors in new and interesting ways lets you see the colors in a whole new light don't you agree?

So here is the challenge!  If you have the color card or access to it and editing software put together your own re-mix and then link it back here so we can all see it how you see it!  If you don't have access to such tell me what colors you think should be grouped by looking at the samples on any of the Annie Sloan stockist sites.. then let me know and I will create and post your pallet here! ( remember to give it a name and use only 4 colors) This offer is good for the first couple of people who get in touch with me.. since .. I have painting to do! :)

So what do you think.. are you ready to Chalk Paint?


Little Moos and My Creative Pink. said...

I like how you grouped all the colors together. I also think it is hard to see the potential of the colors from the typical stockist color chart. The way you grouped them opens up the possibilities.. great job!

Annie Sloan said...

Thanks for doing the grouping thing with my colours - I just found this on Pinterest