Coneflower Gardening

Yep, from my garden.. do you like it??

Between the rain and the heat I can tell you that my garden is really getting away from me but the weeds are no match for the beauty of my flowers. These are some of my favorites - purple Coneflowers. There is just something so sturdy and resistant about these that I wait all Spring to see them start their climb and bloom dance when Spring gives over to the heat of Summer.

This year with all the heat and rain things are blooming very early. It is all quite pretty but I suspect come August there will not be a bloom to be had in my gardens. But if any do last it will be these beauties. A member of the daisy family these hardy perennials are know to be good producers June through August in the warmer regions and do especially well if you take the time to deadhead them so that they don't go to seed and stop the blooming process.

This plant is a heat lover so after established a bit of dry soil is not the end of the world but they dont' like clay soils so amend the heck out of your soil if you have heavy clay that would make these otherwise sturdy flowers unhappy.

For more information about this flower I like this site by Doug Green

I started mine three years ago from some very sad end of the year stock at my local nursery but since then they have reseeded themselves and  I have divided them two times and now have three very large plantings for my garden with more to be split for next year!  Nursery stock can be expensive but dont' fear, a $1 envelope of seeds will get you more coneflowers than you will ever know what to do with and they will come back each year without fail.

From my garden to yours .. happy weeding!

Do you have a favorite flower growing in your garden??

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Audrey Pettit said...

Hey Maddie! Your coneflower is beautiful! I so love them, too. They remind me of summer, and that just makes me happy. I work at a beautiful garden center, and just before I left for vacation in CA, I stopped in there with my camera and was totally smitten with the blooming coneflowers. :)