Crazy About Yo-yos!

Everything old is new again and that includes fabric yo-yos in multiple forms and fashions. A quick check of Pinterest shows all sorts of adorable and inventive ways to use this classic embellishment.

Photo credit- me, project credit, me too!

Gads I love doing baby clothes with yo-yos!

Saturday August 6th at 10 am I will be teaching a class on classic and modern yo-yo making at Chattanooga Sewing. We will be covering what it takes to make multiple adorable projects and there will be three in class projects to do as well as handouts, templates and project suggestion sheets to take home. There will be baby projects, projects for the home as well as some creative use of yo-yos as part of some fantastic jewlery!

I am creating the most adroable kits for this class... really swoon worthy if I do say so myself! - have I ever mentioned how much I love putting together my class kits?.. so much fun..really!

This is a great class for anyone new to sewing or handwork since it does not require a sewing machine!

Seating is limited since it is a workshop class and is already partially full so if you want to come hang with me and get your yo-yo on give them a call and get a class reservation!

Chattanooga Sewing

See you there!

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Jennifer said...

Yo yos make me happy.