IPad Pattern Round Up

It may be that I have a bit of IPad cozy A.D.D. since as I count it I now own three of them and yet only 1 IPad. But like different clothes in my closet or  purses on the shelf different cozies fit my mood or the season - yeh...that's the ticket!  This one is made from a piece of Owl and Pussy Cat linen, but for the life of me I don't know where I got it! 

I made mine without a pattern since I am just that sort of ~seat of the pants~ stitcher that drives other more tidy seamsters into an early grave.  This project came out perfect but that is not always the case so I thought I would troll around the net a bit and see what was out there in the way of patterns and tutorials saving you are bit of time and frustration.

For me details are everything when it comes to a finished project. Covered buttons, top stitching, trim and decoration are what kick a project up from homemade to HANDMADE. While I do like my details more simple and at times even in the naive style I want to know that the item I have made suits it's purpose and will stay together and in this case protect my Ipad!  So with no further ado a couple of my favorite Ipad patterns and tutorials for your selection:

First off for those who have some wool hanging around ready to recycle or upcycle.. this cover is all about warm and fuzzy!  Check of this from My Poppet  These colors make my heart sing!

Polkadot Chair has it all going on when you are talking about a pretty case!

Craft Sanity has bright and cheery going on with this cover. This one is not for a sewing newbie but it sure it cute!

Low impact and perfect for a new stitcher.. plus it's very cutting edge looking. This one I think might be a Father's Day Winner if you just happen to be giving dad an IPad for his big day! Check out Biscuit's take on the cozy.

Zippers, extra support.. this one has it all going on but be ready to really sew! Bride's Diary made one beautiful cover for her Ipad that is for sure!

Do you have an Ipad?..if so have you made a cover yet?

or..Do you have a pattern or tutorial that you would like to me add?... if so just leave the link in the comments and I will post it up!


Stitchfork said...

Have a brand new iPad and delighted with it! No covers made tho. Hope you are felling better every day!
xo Cathy

Anonymous said...

I like to work sometimes with a pattern and sometimes without. :-) Sew Spoiled has an iPad pattern that is great. It's not difficult to sew, protects the IPad well, and has the ability to hold the machine at different angles for easy use. The hardest part was cutting the masonite and that wasn't hard. http://sewspoiled.blogspot.com/2010/08/sew-spoiled-ipad-folding-case-epattern.html
It's been revised to be used with generation 1 and 2 of the iPads.

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Nice. Tease me some more. I want an iPad. Really. Really. Bad. I mean you know how techy-maccy-appley-geeky I am.
Seriously...yours is really cute.
I suppose I am limited to only Kindle cases. I shall go pout now.