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Lessons in Logic are a regular part of our homeschooling day and I am a huge fan of the resources from Prufrock Press.    Many schools have all but abandoned the concept of teaching Rhetoric and Logic but I think there is little better for those growing brains then to stretch them with these logic puzzlers which make what can be complex thinking easier to understand!

Years ago we started with the Primarily Logic (above) and we have moved through most of their books  but still revisit some of the puzzles just for fun and to keep on top of those deductive reasoning skills!

Ahem, I admit there were a couple in the upper books that totally stumped me and I had to even call the publisher about one, but boy did it get the old brain moving!

If you are new to Logic Puzzles  this is an example of one  from the 2-4th grade books. Of course the topics and content get more complex at each stage but this format is somewhat typical.

click and print!

For the older logic seeker I like-
The Private Eye School  as well as many other offering from Prufrock. Actually I have yet to find anything I did not like from them so feel confident checking out their new offerings on a regular basis.

I leave you with a bit of hot weather inspiration for your new found logic!

Try these books as a daily Summer challenge. Post a new puzzle up on the fridge and offer a small prize to each person who figures it out by the end of the day. If you are a grandparent, think of getting one of these books and doing it with the special little person in your life. Creating a little learner is one of the best gifts you could ever give, but as always..that's just my opinion

p.s. Prufrock does not compensate me in any form to pump their product, it's just that good that I want to share them with you.

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fairyrocks said...

The power to figure it out yourself is a valuable thing. In a world where we are fed so much without having to think, you are doing a great service to your children to keep them thinking.
Like reading a book verses the movie. My husband works with many new to the work force employees and common sense and self initiative is sadly lacking.