More Geek T's!

Well the first geek t-shirt was such a hit with son10  that I have a new one to greet my little geek when he comes back from his wonderful trip to Maine that he took with his father,older brother and Uncle.

Of course the graphic is from the ever wonderful Karen at the Graphics Fairy... don't know what I would do without that lady!  I added the word ~ Got Edison~ to this great vintage image of how the iconic Edison Lightbulb is assembled.

Son13 is getting a new shirt also but for the life of me I can't find where I put it so I can iron on the image.. His pays tribute this time to his love of cars.  Did you know that Son13  has his own car already?.. it sits in my side driveway as he rebuilds the engine all by himself as part of a larger homeschool project. If it were not for that fantastic learning experience I would have that thing towed off in a heartbeat since it gives the side of the house a sort of  Sanford and Son feel  that I could live without.... ah the things we do for our children.

This image is also from the Graphics Fairy but I fixed the names making them more readable in a larger font and then adding the header. Soon as I can find the shirt this one will also be done!

So much nicer to make the boys some shirts that celebrate smart... not snarky or crude like so many of the t's available these days.. I mean really what self respecting mother lets her child wear a shirt with an image of Stewie (from The Family Guy) rooting around in his diaper for an undisclosed surprise?...How is that possibly appropriate???

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You've created great transfers, Maddie! I love how you've adapted them to your sons' interests, too. I agree with you, Karen has certainly supplied me with so many images and I'm sure I've only used a small portion of those I've saved! Thanks for visiting me!