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Good morning everyone!..  It is the weekend here at the Anarchy Estate and that means there is a ton to be done but I did not want to miss the chance to say thanks for all the blog love you have been showing me of late. You all really rock!  ( Every time I say that phrase son17 gets a small pain in his side.. I suffer from terminal uncoolness it seems)... aywhoooooooooo

I have received quite a few questions lately about the photos on my blog and how I achieve the dreamy romantic look so thought I would share just a tiny bit about that. First of all I am flattered beyond words that you like my photography and photo editing and second I am more than willing to share where I learned to do what I know so far. I think of my work as a journey and really I am on the very early part of the path so feel free to join me!

The image above is from a site that I just LOVE and have learned so much from.  Kim Klassen knows her stuff when it come to the whole world of photos and Photoshop, it's her passion and her business.  She does not know me from Eve but I would be thrilled to meet her some day and thank her for all I have learned from her.

If you would like to play around with photo editing you will need to get a copy of Photoshop Elements.. 9 is the newest edition ( Elements is the little sister to full blown Photoshop but it's WAY powerful and I actually like it better) and then  start with watching some of the great PS Elements tutorials that are out there. Kim's tut's are wonderful and over time I will be posting up other resources I have used for learning the tips and tricks to Elements. I try to spend at least 1 hour per week taking online classes, but you could do far less than that and still have so much more fun with your photos.. you will be amazed.

As we part today I leave you with an image that I really like and did a couple of weeks ago.  I took the original photo at a small traveling fair that came to town at the same time we were locally batted by terrible storms. .. I posted up another shot from this series a bit ago.. and I hope you like this one. The editing gives it a surreal quality that I found fun to work with ending in a very interesting image to say the least.

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Thank You!

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