Rockin' My Artist Transfer Paper

My youngest two guys are getting ready to leave town with their daddy and uncle on their yearly adventure.. a boys only event. They only part I play is making sure everyone has enough underwear and socks for the trip as well as making the event shirt or hat. Last year it was an embroidered hat.. so this year a t-shirt!

This year the guys are gong to Maine so  I created this shirt with the help of a great image from Graphics Fairy.  I was thrilled to find this vintage ad of 4 fine gentleman since it would be 4 fine gentlemen who would be going on this adventure Maine adventure!

I added the clever (ahem) wording and then flipped the image and printed it onto my of so favorite Transfer Artist Paper.. then just a quick pass with the iron x 4 and the guys are set with custom t-shirts to celebrate yet another year of family/guy bonding.

While the guys are gone I personally have a list that is about a mile long of things to accomplish.. wish me luck!.. I will be posting my progress on FB so if you would like to keep up please join me over there!


Robyn of Coffee and Cotton said...

Ah Man!!! This would have been perfect for me to have made them some hats!

Christine said...

This is fantastic! What a great use of that image--good luck with your list...;)

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

I think your clever wording is great! I love the way you positioned the image and the kind of type you used. Good luck accomplishing your LIST! :)