So What's With the Hat? - Self care Sunday

Summer is here and with it has come some of the most intense sun that I have seen in along time. Even under normal circumstances I am one to seek the shade but these days the sun calls for even more shade protection than normal. This means high spf lotion in the morning along with spf  make-up and even hair spray!

Add to that some really freakin big hats and you round out my Summer look. As I am able I will be doing my parade of sunhats for your amusement! Today's hat of choice is a very wide brimmed model that helps keep my neck and shoulder in the shade since obviously I have already picked up some unwanted sun on my chest.

When sitting where it's a bit shadier I flip up the front  for ease of vision. But when out in the sun that 7 inches of brim are divine for keeping me well under wraps.

It's also quite the conversation starter since it's a wee-bit like wearing your own umbrella hat, but hopefully much more stylish!

Do you have a favorite hat??... How are you keeping safe and out of the harmful effects of the sun this year?


Stitchfork said...

Shade it is for me all the time! That hat needs a monogram!
xo Cathy

Greg said...

If it would keep me from getting a sun burn, I'd wear a sombrero!! But as I spend most of my heat of the day hours inside just a standard ball cap after dusk it is for me!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

baby, you know I love you in a hat!