Thrifting Increases Your Brain Power!

Hi everyone!...  I  was just back from the thrift shop where I scored yet another  Professor Noggin  educational game. That put me in the mood to share about them since I happen to think they are  one of the best things for keeping little ( and big) minds  bright and active. Better yet so many people don't even crack open educational games that they get ( or are given) that I am often able to find them in pristine condition for less than 50 cents each- score!  Sad sorry folk.. they don't know what they are missing when they are missing out on  Prof. Noggin!

I first picked up P.N. cards games a couple of years ago at my local homeschooling fair and each year we add a couple more while we are there since I find them more than well worth the money. But in the mean time I keep an eagle eye out for them at my local thrift and garage sales. Suburban neighborhood garage sales ( the type I usually avoid) are often a bounty for educational games that have never seen the light of day. I scored 6 P.N. games last year for 25cents each! 

With subjects covering everything for Invertebrates to the Great Depression these games have something to challenge each of my children and we can all play on a leveled playing field since each game card has two levels of play for older and younger kids and adults.

This means that the youngest kid in the family has just as much chance of winning as the oldest... got to love that!  We often choose to play a fast round after dinner while eating dessert.. it's a nice way to close out our meal together before each of us goes off into our own evening pursuits which tend to be more solitary ( read this as.. Mommy goes and sews.. leave her alone or she will growl at you)

Given the amazing number of topics covered in the different versions of this card game it is one other first resources I pull out when introducing a new topic to our schooling.  Studying plants.. got that covered.. how about rocks.. got something for that too! How's about Baseball or Mythology?.. that professor has these covered as well.  Of course these are not just for homeschoolers and I can see a million ways to tie in all sorts of educational game fun with learning no matter where it occurs.. check back in for more on that tomorrow!

In the mean time... do you know Professor Noggin???

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carol said...

Love Professor Noggin. Congrats on the Creative Machine Embroidery Article or project. Love the cupcake coasters.