Tricks to working with Red Paint - 4 Fast Hints

If you happen to be looking for me you will find me deep in a can of Emperors Silk Red paint from Annie Solan.  I am painting the cabinets of the new studio this week.  This is the  first coat of red.. looking SO much better already.. totally amazing.

When it comes to paint red is a serious color  commitment since no matter how wonderful the paint, red pigment is hard to work with  by it's very nature. The Annie Sloan paint does go on much better than some and a little bird even told me that they are working to making is as opaque as the other wonderful chalk paint colors but until then these tips can help.

1) Expect 1-2 extra coats

2) Tinted primer is your friend. I used the Pamloma gray in the Annie Sloan line as my primer

3) Best quality paint brushes and rollers- don't cheap out!  I use top of the line Purdy brushes

4) If possible do your first coat with a sponge roller and maybe even the second, then use that good quality
brush for the last coat to avoid that slightly orange peel texture you can get from the foam roller

Are you bold enough to go red??

1 comment:

Stitchfork said...

I'd go for red every time! Have on red shoes today. Your space is lookin' good!
xo Cathy