Vintage Pyrex - Thrift Store Score!

Ummmmm, yes I did squeel, and yes I might have knocked over a little old lady in order to get to it.   I have no shame when it comes to vintage Pyrex and for this bowl I might have... well let's just not think about that m'kay?

While it is a bit scratched to me it is beautiful and I have been looking long and hard for her for many years!.. I have no desire for a whole set in this color, but to have her in all of her big vintage blue glory makes my heart happy each time I see her in the kitchen.. all bright and shiny up there!

And to answer the question before it's asked.. she it will get used every day. I know there is a chance she could get broken and if she does I will cry.. but I am not one to collect as to have it collect dust. So tonght she holds my famous potato salad,and maybe tomorrow she will help me whip up brownies and in all cases she makes me smile.

* note - I just noticed that we never put a cover on that outlet.... that would be like 4 years now... go going Maddie!

Do you love Vintatage Pyrex.. if so which pattern?.. personally I am sort of equal opportunity with the exception of the blue corn flower pattern, that one can rest in peace as far as I am concerned.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making me laugh and smile so early this morning! I found your blog via Censational Girl. I decided to look at all of your 2011 posts and this is part of the first sentences I read....... "I might have knocked over a little old lady to get to it". I am still laughing about it because you remind me so much of myself. Yet I wouldn't be honest enough to admit such a thing. I am rethinking that now though, as I am willing to bet most of us passionate designers feel the exact same way a lot of the time!
It is a pleasure to have found you and your blog and I look forward to following along.

Kindly yours,


Gene Black said...

I love your theory of using the collectibles. It brings me great joy to use the "good stuff" so I do use the crystal to drink out of....why not? Crystal NEEDS to be washed or it will eventually crack. This way I remember to wash it!

sew bee it said...

I love that bowl. I must brag a little, my smallest one is opposite colors. White with blue designs, so cute. Love the color. Love your blog. ;)