Turning a Crow into a Raven in 3 easy steps!

Hello my darlings,

I sit here on Sunday night like an inert sack of jello.. I am not even sure what to say about this day( 6 hours of meetings, broken down car, dinner with kids, grocery shopping ) besides the fact that I am so glad it is almost over and  we are launching into a new week!  I know so many people dread Monday's but I love them!... A fresh start, time to try again with a mighty fine chance of getting it right!

The previous week was full to the brim with creative endeavors that will bear fruit over the next few months, some of which I will share over the next week and others that I must keep under wraps for a bit longer ( such a tease I am!).. but  I did sneak in a bit of time for some frivolous but fun crafting that I wanted to share with you today!

While it is still hotter than the surface of the sun  here in Chattanooga my mind is already straying to Fall and a Halloween party I have brewing in the back of my mind.  Perhaps a bit early I know but last year I did not even get  out the decorations and everyone was bummed so I am hoping to do it up right this year!

With the party in the back of my mind I was totally drawn to the wonderful crow image that the every wonderful Karen over at the Graphics Fairy had posted up.  And while it does say crow I think it looks good enough to pass for a raven and  therefore perfect for my hallow-theme.. Edgar Allen Poe

Yes... the Crow is now a Raven.... and looking pretty dang wonderful here on the kraft paper bags that we will be using for party favors!  I added the wording since... well you know, it was just too cool not to do it!

I sized and merged the image and then had to play around a bit to get it centered on the bag. In the end I told the printer that it was printing an envelope that was about the size of the bag.. tweaked it a bit more by raising the image above the bag fold and that was about it.

So what do you think?.. does it give you any crafty inspiration?

The Overweight Anarchist- continued

GO ME!... while not a big step the first goal has been met and I am now down from 192 to  185 pounds . ( You can read the start of my adventure HERE ) It has not been awful but boy it has been hard!  Hard from the  standpoint of having to plan things out even more in my already complicated life so I can make sure to have healthy snacks with me so that I don't just grab anything that comes my way ( chips, cookies etc). I am also doing a lot of reading on alternative recipes since I refuse to eat " diet food".. there has to be a sensible way to eat and to be able to eat well. For many junk food is their problem, for me it's carbs like pasta and sauces like Alfredo!

One thing that has really helped  is making sure I have a high protein breakfast that solidly holds me until lunch time.

Fage Greek yogurt, frozen berries, a handful of almonds topped with just a dab of Blueberry Agave. Cool, not too heavy and packed with protein..perfect.

My next goal is 183 pounds...slow and steady wins the race!

Exciting Times!

Hello hello!!!  Oh how I have missed chatting with everyone.. even just a day or two away from my bloggy friends makes me in a real grumpy bear.. and a massive case of PMS never helps either but such is life! I owe lots of you notes back so please hold tight I am plowing through my to-do list as fast as I can!.. I totally need a clone these days but so many exciting things are coming together!

Oh!.. quick reminder..  I LOVE being able to get back in touch with each of you who is so kind as to leave a comment but so many of you have not enabled your blogger or other accounts with your email address.. so I am unable to pop you back and note..  so..  if you have not heard back from me please check your blogger settings ... quick like this~

In blogger.com, click on Dashboard.

Select Edit Profile.

Check the box for "Show my Email Address."

Save changes.

Then make a comment here and I will let you know if it worked!!

so... what else.... hmmmmmmm ohhhhhh look at this!

Falling for You.... a trio of velvet leaves for embellishing Fall jeans. The photo is good enough but in person this design is just so lush!.. and makes me yearn for the cool weather of Fall that is for sure!

Oh irony that as I created the sample it was 101 degrees, but no matter I loved creating the design and am really looking forward to teaching this class in October here in Chattanooga.   I have lots of other classes that are also planned with some already booking up {eeek!.. exciting}..   I will post those up later this week!'

In the mean time I am thinking about starting a bit of Vlogging- yes, me in video?. Good idea or one I should put on the back burner? .. tell me what you think!

Blog-aphobia - how are you feeling?

Over the last few week I have noticed something, I think I might have Blog-aphobia. To my knowledge I have just officially named this condition but I am sure it lurks around the Internet under different names.

The signs were subtle at first, mild discontentment and irksome nagging feeling after reading some blogs but over time it has grown to a point where I can no longer sit in silent contemplation and I must act.

Yes, I must remove certain blogs from my daily or weekly reading since after reading them I feel like crap.. yes I said it.. after reading some blogs I feel like ~less~ , less pretty, less organized, less confident in my ability to create my dream, raise my family and be a wife.  I came to realise that I am not gaining inspiration or contemplation from these blogs and that is not good.

I will not be naming these blogs since the truth be told they have not really done anything wrong. Each blogger chooses how they want to portray their life online and I have come to understand that I am more comfortable with a ~warts and all~ sort of approach as opposed to one where houses look perfect in every photo and children always look like they walked right out of a Gap for kids ad.

So.. in case you happen to feel crappy after reading my blog please feel free to cut it from your feedburner.. I would never want anyone to feel that way. And just for the record, my life is messy ( but I clean it up), my kids fight ( then say they are sorry - sometimes), sometimes my hair looks like hell ( really) and  I treasure each and every one of you who takes the time to read and I hope you are inspired when you take the time to come visit my little corner of the Internet.

p.s. if you want my blog sent right to your e-mail each day just sign up with your e-mail address ... yep right up there at the top of the right hand column- see.. how easy was that??...ohh and make sure that you confirm your subscription ..if not it will not come to your mail box and that would be sad.

From Small Acorns.....

Sturdy Oaks do grow... but ....

I am the mother of one darling daughter and 5 wonderful young men, so while my girl is totally wonderful I tend to think of myself as more of a " mom of boys" due to the 5:1 ratio. This" mom of boys" thing means my ears are tuned to the way society mentors young men and you know what ... over all I can't say that I will be giving out any passing grades on this matter any time too soon.

And before you think I am going to be picking on the men... think again.. This one is for those ladies out there who can't seem to find a nice thing to say about their husbands or boyfriends and spend a considerable amounto f their time letting people know it. The one's who talk about what a sloppy, no good  guy he is while  also talking about how you they sneaking yet another bag of fabric ( clothes, homes shopping channel) into the house apparently  in the name of getting themselves a guest shot on ~Hoarders~

Just this week  I was at the fabric store with Son13, as we stood in line with our bolts of fabric along with 6 women and one older gentleman. The ladies began with the usual sewing store line chit-chat that quite quickly turned into from innocent project one-upsmanship to a rather nasty round of male/husband bashing that made me, my son and the gentleman waiting extremely uncomfortable to say the least.  Next time you are out take some time to listen to the conversations around you, what are you hearing?  Do you hear women talking about their hardworking husbands? Or many dare I say it, a compliment about them or to them?

  When did it become socially acceptable to verbally trash the person have committed your life to in the name of female bonding? If he is really that bad get out of the marriage for goodness sake!

The young boys in our lives hear what is being said,what do you hear?

The Overweight Anarchist

The truth hurts that is for sure and I had to have a firm talk with myself about this before posting, but the fact is I am verging out of chubby and right into seriously overweight. In fact if I had to the guts to do it I would do the calculations but I suspect that I am clinically obese.
(There is nothing even remotely fun about that phase).

Last week I was 192.. this week I am 187 so things are going in the right direction. I am starting with small goals, the first goal being 185 ( told you they were small!)

For a pinch of accountability I will have a goal tracker in the side bar for keeping track of my progress and celebrations each time I hit a goal!

Anybody care to join me?  .

Here I go!

Red Leather Love - we have a winner

Totally smacking myself on the head... I almost forgot to pick a winner for the Leather wrap bracelet giveaway.  Just too much going on.... but here I am and Random.org says that #4 is the winner!

So that means that Cathy, the genius behind Stitchfork  is the winner! ...

Cathy my dear, please drop me a note at maddie6@bellsouth.net so I can send you a package!

Pool furniture Progress

They say that slow and sure wins the race and I hope that is true.  As you might remember a couple of weeks ago I scored the frame to a really nice patio set for a steal of a deal. ummmmmm... HERE.  Problem being that it was missing a couple of the cushions that were eaten by the lady's dog. I was not too daunted by that and then the next day I scored a fabooo gazebo for $112 at Target so things were coming together pretty well.  Today I finally got around to sewing the covers for the cushions and figuring out what to do about the missing ones.

I am not totally finished yet but the bottom cushions are done and the back pillow caps are also sewn. What?... you have never heard of Pillow-Caps?... that would be because I just made it up in desperation of not having enough fabric to cover all the pillows. - sue me

The mongo orange pillows will get new covers of some type using the wee bit of chocolate and green fabric I have left but that was not enough to do all the pillows.

Still need a top of the coffee table(s) and then to deal with the whole curtain issue. You see I don't want to see what is behind the gazebo... at one angle it is the dog run and other other is a rather uninspiring view of the stairs to the upper deck.   The Gazebo came with a really lame 1/2 curtain  currently shown to the left but that is going to have to go and be replaced...not sure how or with what but I hoping for some inspiration!

I am also wanting to hook up lighting and add some nice details but for now we have a place to sit and we are a little closer to being ready to have a pool party ... so find your towel.. invites going out soon!

All Dogs Go To Heaven

There is never a good time to say goodbye to a beloved family pet but there is the right time. The time when you know it is your job to make sure they are no longer in pain and that the suffering comes to an end.

Today was that day for our wonderful Great Dane, China.
China was 10 years old and in the world of danes that is VERY VERY old. Made even more remarkable since  she had multiple problems that inbred danes are know for.

China came into our lives a bit over 9 years ago as a rescue. She came into rescue due to impaired hearing and vision. She had been beaten and treated badly by her first owners and it was my vow to her that her life and the life of the other dane we adopted at the time would be wonderful.

Our danes our indoor dogs who live the high life wrecking my sofas and scamming food off the counters and that is ok with me. Since in turn they protect the house and my children in a way that defies explanation.

China's health has been failing at a rapid rate over the past year and this week she lost quite of bit of neurological function of her back end so we knew the time has come. She spent her last week getting anything she wanted and being slipped an outrageous amount of food under the table. Her all time favorite was ice cream so of course she got as much of that as she wanted!

She could not have been more loved for these past years.

Goodbye my sweet girl.

Gypsy Lady Bracelet

Just popping in for a moment to share my Gypsy Lady Bracelet made with this gorgeous image from the Graphics Fairy.  I am really grooving on the contrast of this lush lady and the stark nature of the metal cuff. I am also really liking the aged effect the image has when coating it with multiple layers of the liquid glass like medium. I am pondering one more layer but already she looks like she has been encased in molten glass and that is pretty cool ..no??


A basket full of Lovies

Oh my gosh I have been so busy!.. I am trying to get two sample projects done per day and that means I am spending a lot of time in my home studio which also means I am not getting any work done on my new public studio.. oh how I wish for a clone of myself some days!

Yesterday I finished up  the sample Lovies for my Babies in a Basket class this Fall. I am so excited about teaching this class. Thinking out of the box with the embroidery machine is so much fun!  Even though the machines are programed to embroider the same pattern, each doll comes out looking just a bit different and that is what makes them so adorable ( if I do say so myself!). It has been 3 years since I designed the Lovies and over time I have added special seasonal versions and Lovies for the Cause.. next I think that I will be working on Mothers of the World Lovies thanks to a great suggestion from my darling daughter.

If you are interested in signing up for the Babies in a Basket class here in Chattanooga give Chattanooga Sewing a call  423-899-3664 and get you name on the list. If you want to talk to me about coming to teach at your store please do since I am currently firming up my Fall teaching schedule which is going to be limited due to the new local studio- Stitchology!

Make it  a creative day!
Love, Maddie

DIY-Leather Wrist Wrap - and a giveaway!

Do you like it??

I am totally loving all the leather wrist wraps that I am seeing this season and felt inspired to give it a go and see what I could whip up in the crafty mom-cave.  This feature in Country Living really got me thinking....
about what I could use and how I would make it work. Wanting to make this a virtually free  project I dived into the crafty stash and  came up with a old leather purse  in a great shade of red. ( yes, I am the sort of fruitcake that saves an old leather purse for the cool red leather- this totally explains why it has taken days upon days to clean my crafty mom-cave!) 

Using a craft blade I salvaged the good leather off of the purse. This netted me two large pieces and the leather handles to put away for another project.

whoa!.. sorry about that awful photo!

After salvaging the leather I decided that I wanted strips that were 1/2 inch wide so I got out my quilting ruler and my rotary cutter. ( If you don't have a rotary blade a craft knife will work just fine)

After this I had to do a little guessing. By looking at the examples in the article I guessed that the leather strips were about 18 to 24+ inches long depending on how many times they were wrapped. My leather was going to only net me strips that were about 10 inches long so I knew no matter what I would connecting my strips.

I ended up with 3 strips about 10 inches long and then trimmed them to about 8 inches and then rounded the ends into slight curves.

Next I pulled out my Silent Setter so I could cut perfect  little holes in the leather and insert metal grommets. I did this on the end of each strip.

You will notice that my grommets are of the Rainbow Brite variety... it was all I had on hand, next time I will use all red or maybe silver. Next I used silver jump rings to hook the bands together and added a toggle clasp to the end.

Of course since I am the type that can't leave good enough alone I wanted to add a charm. So back to the stash and then this time I came up with a darling bird charm but it is in copper.. drat!.. But never fear, with just a bit of silver Rub n' Buff the little birdy goes from copper to an aged silver in no time!

So there you go... from purse to leather wrist wrap in under an hour! Honestly it was fun and dead-easy.. so easy in fact that I dug a little deeper in my stash and finally found some silver grommets and have already made another wrap just for you!

Interested in winning?..  if so leave a comment and if you want to double your chances join my facebook page and then leave another comment letting me know you did it! 
I will draw for a winner on Sunday!


The Beauty in Being Different- Raising Aspergian Children

One of my tricks to staying on task as an A.D.H.D. sort of person is to listen to books on tape as I accomplish the more mundane parts of life such a mopping, cleaning and sorting. This enables me to keep my head engaged while my hands go about the work that needs to be done. I am always on the lookout for a great new book on tape in both the fiction and non-fiction categories.

I listen to multiple books at the same time. Right now in the kitchen I am listening to a Suze Orman book on money management.  In my office I am listening to a book on marriage. In the car I am listening to one of the kid's books while they are with me ( Al Capone does my Shirts) and while alone I am really enjoying a book I wanted to tell you about today.

Be Different- Adventures of a Free Range Aspergian

John (the author) walks you through the mind and mindset of those who see, experience and process with a difference with thoughts from his own childhood and teenage years. This difference can lead to the most remarkable things but knowing what you are doing with these kids is so important and John offers a multitude of suggestions on how to coach your child through the most difficult  childhood and teenage years when dealing with these difference encounters the most resistance.  The good news is that these kids are remarkable for a million reasons and with the right guidance they can bypass some of the harder parts of this difference and be celebrated for their often superior creative minds and abilities.. this book helps you do just that.

As a mother who parented a child with strong tendencies in this direction I am thrilled to say that many of his suggestions were things we stumbled on (the hard way) but were able to put in place and yet others would have been a gift from above so for that reason I write today to pass that gift onto all the other parents who are struggling with kids who don't fit that typical mold and are at a loss as what to do. Not to mention I gained great insight into my own Aspie-like quirks and some ways to deal with those... so not just for kids. This book is for anyone who thinks, feels and sees the world in the way that is not neurotypical ( a  fancy world for average) and yet craves first hand insight and explanations.. priceless.

Summer Sunday

It is a lazy Sunday here in Anarchy and I wanted to take a moment to share with you a sweet photo from my garden. Summer has been harsh on my Hydrangeas, and while not as flashy as all of my lilies the sweet soft color in this plant always charms me.

I hope you are having a most wonderful weekend and enjoying at least some of the things that are important to you. Talk to you  on Monday!

Love, Maddie

Putting on a Summer Face - Self care on Saturday

Muggy, hot Chattanooga Summers call for streamlining make-up and hair to a wilt proof look that will carry me from morning till night without turning into a limp dish rag somewhere in the process.  For me this means paring back my makeup to nothing but the essentials. This combination comes from the advice foisted on me from my grandmother when I was but 7 years old ( Not sure why she thought to tell me then given as I did not wear makeup at 7, but she died just a few years after so guess she had to give it all out before she went!)

Grandma said "Girls who wear too much makeup in the Summer look like tarted up girlscouts"   ... giving you a moment to let that great advice sink in...........Yes, Grandma was rather a pip, and after a Manhattan or two she really got going!  So with Gramdma's words ringing in my ears I present my Summer make-up routine.

Starting at night I use old fashioned Boots Cold Cream to clean my face. This is a rich and thick product that also works as a great moisturizer. Nothing fancy and it is a whopping $8 a jar, so totally easy on the budget! I wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth and that is that.

Next morning I use the Boots Toner to freshen my face and remove any cold cream that did not sink in over night.  Then a flick of mascara- yep, Covergirl, in brown for Summer, brown-black for Fall/Winter and then I slick on Burts Bees Red Dalia lip tint which is nice and sheer but has great color!  That's it.. all done!

What do you do different with your Summer makeup?.. Any great products to share?

Deep Heat

Photo from my front garden

While I might not be looking all the great due to the hot and humid weather I can tell you that my lillies are are loving it. I don't think there has been a year when they have been quite so spectacular let alone lasted this long. I am guessing that since they are really tropical flowers that this weather is really what they crave. Too bad that is just about to kill me! 

Good thing that those vivid colors show up way into the night since that is when I captured this photo. Flowers are much easier to shoot than people but I want to improve that part of my photography too.. anybody have a good online class that they have liked when it comes to people photography??

Recycled Treasure, and a craft fail

I am a huge fan of milk glass, the smooth white finish of the pressed glass makes me smile and I pick it up anytime I can find it at thrift and antique shops. So it is really no surprise that I also have a thing for the jars that Dundee Marmalade is/was packaged in.  Over the years the jar has changed and the wording is no longer printed on the jars ( for shame) and there is now a plastic band around the center which makes me sad in some ways and in others it opens up more opportunities to do even more creative things with the jars since the band slips right off.

The jars are becoming hard to find ( seems they have gone to clear glass ( double shame)) so when this one popped up at the thrift I gabbed it and knew it was destined to be something special. I combined the jar with my love of solder -art and came up with this sweet little jar to hold our toothbrushes and paste.

I silvered the threaded area on the jar and then added a sticker that I printed with an image from the Graphics Fairy. I printed the image onto frosted/clear label material so when it was smoothed onto the jar it looks for all the world like it was printed right there.

On the back side of the jar I put..

The coordinating little boy image... sweet huh??? 

So you ask.. where is the craft-fail?  Well it seems that these labels are FAR from waterproof at least in the first few minutes after printing so when I first put the toothbrushes into the jar (patting myself on the back from such a cute project) they dripped on the images and everything stated to smudge .. sigh.. fail.

BUT!... I loved the project so much I peeled off the ruined stickers, printed out some more and put them back on and let it sit overnight and then sprayed it will clear-gloss topcoat.. very lightly then again and NOW the project is ready to stand up to being used in the bathroom!

So what do you think????

Interesting Kids

One of the best compliments I ever received about my children is when a person once told me that they
thought I had the most " truly interesting children she had ever met".  This compliment pleased me to no end and I have to say that I agree, my kids are interesting and interested. Don't get me wrong, I want my children to also be polite, caring, courageous and all those other wonderful things but to have raised children who are alive with interest in the world around them is above all my favorite attribute.

Raising engaged and interesting children was not something that happened by accident, yes, I raised and am raising these kids with a plan in mind.The plan was strong on no mind sucking Gameboys and lots of good reading and interesting experiences and a constant flow of information and education at all times. Sometimes parts of the plan failed in a blaze of glory but other things have been such resounding  hits that I feel that it is my sworn duty to share them with the world.

The one I want to share with you today is Boomerang Audio Magazine for kids.We have been doing BOOM as my kids call it since my oldest ( now 21) was quite young. At the time they were a gift from their grandfather (Boompie) who was a champ at finding unique and engaging gifts for the grandchildren he was sure were  prodigies ( and he was going to do his part to make sure that happened!) From early on the kids learned to watch the mailbox for the little padded envelope with the cassette tape inside. I told you this was long ago.. yes cassette tapes! Soon as it came they pulled out their little player and sat down to listen.. or better yet took it with us to make long car rides almost fun!

With each tape my children learned something about a big topic broken down so they could understand it. Something about  famous and interesting person from history, some corny jokes and a lesson in being human on the deepest and best level.  As the years passed and the tapes became CD's and then became audio downloads the topics never failed to keep their attention and add just a bit more "interesting" to their lives.

The habit of listening to tapes, to long and short stories that danced through their minds was a great introduction to extended learning, careful attention and the skills that are needed for academic progress no matter where a child is schooled. I have not been compensated for this post but do have a strong interest is seeing this wonderful product around for many years to come.... after all I am as sure as my father that my grandchildren are going to be brilliant and am going to do all I can to assure that myself!

Boom is great for all ages but I think 13 and younger appreciate it the most and I suspect the earlier that you get kids hooked on audio books the more knowledge you can stuff into the smart little heads of theirs.  So go try BOOM for yourself.. they are so kind as to have a free DOWNLOAD for you to check out.. once you do take the time to place an order. Get it for your kids, or maybe your grand kids... Interesting kids of the future thank you! And when you order.. tell David I said "thank you !"


It was a weekend filled with so much other than crafting( instlaling new pool pump, laundry..whohoo!) but I did fit in a little bit of crafty home fun!  While a bit hard to tell from this photo, this is the top of a ginormous cookie tin that I picked up for 25cents at my local thrift shop.  The tin is a good 4 inches deep and the top is like a tray. Of course it did not come in this wonderful shade of blue ( I could dream!).. it actually came with a rather uninspiring  image of a vintage steam train but a coat of primer and then a  coat a spray paint made that all better!

I am going to be using this tin to hold all my hand embroidery supplies but wanted an image leaning in that direction. I picked this quirky steam punk image and then added the reverse of the word CREATE to her binoculars since I am always hunting up more time to create.. and it looks like this dear gal is the same way.

Of course the image is from Karen over at the Graphics Fairy  and to put the image on the tin I used clear full sheet label paper made my 3M ( check your office supply store)... I will be posting more on this project as I finish it up this week so do check back in or sign up to have my projects delivered straight to your e-mail box ( up there at the top side of the right column!)

Where do you keep your embroidery supplies?.. does it inspire you??

Retail Blessings

Ok, here is the scoop, take just enough time to read this and then get in your car and drive to Target, do not dilly dally and you to might be able to scoop up an awesome deal or two in the now-defunct summer garden section that has been torn down to make room for back-to-school supplies

Today I scored the $450 Smith and Hawkins gazebo for ........ wait for it......... $112!!!!!!!

In-store cameras will have on file that I was a total goober about it and acted for all the world like I had just been crowned Miss America.... I was that happy and now you know just what sort of idiot I am!  But I am a kind and sharing idiot.. so now.. be off with you and see if you too can score some greatness!.. and if you do report back.. since I want to share in your glory!

She Shoots, She Scores!

Lordy I do love a good day thrifting!.. and honestly I was not even suppose to be there today..in fact I was dropping off a whole load of stuff that I culled out of my kitchen by using the rule.. if you have not used it in the year... it is gone!.

But of course the lure was just too great so son13( always nice to have a partner in crime - he loves to thrift!) and I just popped in for a "moment". Not much to write home about today.. one chair we dithered about for the studio ( thumbs down in the end).. and we were on our way out when I saw the mass of metal legs and piles of cushions having just been brought in from the back...  I knew it had potential but I was not sure how much so I snatched the lower part of the sale tag off ( buyers keepers) and set about inspecting it for rust, shot seat beds.. the normal stuff that sends outdoor furniture to places like this.

It was in amazing shape, well constructed, welds all tight and no rust. I was told that the lady donated it because her dog tore up two of the cushions and it had just come in this morning ( obviously my luck day!)..  Turns out that the glass for the tables was also gone.. but I can also deal with that given  the ever so reasonable price of $60 for the 7 piece set.

It is not looking like much here... I unloaded right before a huge rain storm came through and got soaked.. took a couple of minutes to move it to the back, get a shot of it while lightening cracked and more rain came.. then I grabbed the pup and tore off to take cover from the next rain storm that slammed us today.

The plan looks like this.. make or find two new cushions, buy  new outdoor fabric and do a quick recover job.. live happily ever after... are you with me??  Oh.. and those tables that are missing their glass?.. I am thinking that some granite might look pretty sweet there... so also going to hunt up some of that  :)

p.s. I totally believe the dog-ate the cushion story.. my girl pups will NOT leave these cushions alone.. they roll all over them like 2-bit hookers.. I suspect the lady had a boy dog and I think my pups are hussies!

Boho- Summer, Keeping it Soulful

We are keeping it simple here this Summer in a use-what-you-got sort of mode. With that in mind I created this pitcher-cover to keep out the ever so pesky insects of Summer that seem to enjoy a cold drink as much as the rest of us! After all who wants a fly in their lemonade or heaven forbid their Sangria!

This is a pretty simple project and I have made a couple to take and give as hostess gifts as we visit with friends during these hot and sultry days and nights. A layer of tulle is sewn to the doily to make it much harder for anything to make it's way in the pitcher

You will need:
1 doily, vintage or new, it is up to you! 9+ inches in diameter
Bridal tulle in a color to match your doily
Wash away stabilizer ( I used Badge Master)
Thread to match for hand and machine sewing
Temporary embroidery adhesive
Spray starch
5 heavish beads or 5 multiple bead dangles
Hand sewing needle

1)  To start, starch your doily to give it some body and make it easier to sew.  I sprayed mine before I went to bed and it was quite stiff and dry the next morning. You could also iron it dry if you were in a hurry.

2) Next measure out some tulle enough to cover the  the larger outer circle of the doily not counting the fan shaped trim.

3) Using some temporary embroidery/sewing spray adhesive adhere the tulle to one side of the doily and then do the same with a water disolvable stabilizer. ( Heavy duty Solvy, Badge Master etc) sandwiching the doily between the tulle and the stabilizer.

Here the doily is basically glued between the layers and this will make it much easier to sew the tulle to the doily.

4) Using a small zig zag stitch I followed around the  more solid band of tatting and attached the netting to the  doily.  Given the adhesive and the stabilizer it all will stay very flat and be easy to sew.

5) After zig zagging  I trimmed aways the  excess netting and stabilizer and then rinsed out what was left. That left me with a doily with a bug-proof netting covered center.  I then pinned it to a towel in shape and let it dry. Remember you can not iron it now due to the netting which will melt if you get it any where near an iron.

After the doily dried I added the beaded drops..

5 to a pack for these... perfect!

6) Staggered around the outside of the doily and then hand stitched at each connection point. These beads had just the right amount of weight, play around with your own choice until it feels right. Enough to hold things down without so much as to be a burden.

Sweet, simple and perfect for Summer