The Beauty in Being Different- Raising Aspergian Children

One of my tricks to staying on task as an A.D.H.D. sort of person is to listen to books on tape as I accomplish the more mundane parts of life such a mopping, cleaning and sorting. This enables me to keep my head engaged while my hands go about the work that needs to be done. I am always on the lookout for a great new book on tape in both the fiction and non-fiction categories.

I listen to multiple books at the same time. Right now in the kitchen I am listening to a Suze Orman book on money management.  In my office I am listening to a book on marriage. In the car I am listening to one of the kid's books while they are with me ( Al Capone does my Shirts) and while alone I am really enjoying a book I wanted to tell you about today.

Be Different- Adventures of a Free Range Aspergian

John (the author) walks you through the mind and mindset of those who see, experience and process with a difference with thoughts from his own childhood and teenage years. This difference can lead to the most remarkable things but knowing what you are doing with these kids is so important and John offers a multitude of suggestions on how to coach your child through the most difficult  childhood and teenage years when dealing with these difference encounters the most resistance.  The good news is that these kids are remarkable for a million reasons and with the right guidance they can bypass some of the harder parts of this difference and be celebrated for their often superior creative minds and abilities.. this book helps you do just that.

As a mother who parented a child with strong tendencies in this direction I am thrilled to say that many of his suggestions were things we stumbled on (the hard way) but were able to put in place and yet others would have been a gift from above so for that reason I write today to pass that gift onto all the other parents who are struggling with kids who don't fit that typical mold and are at a loss as what to do. Not to mention I gained great insight into my own Aspie-like quirks and some ways to deal with those... so not just for kids. This book is for anyone who thinks, feels and sees the world in the way that is not neurotypical ( a  fancy world for average) and yet craves first hand insight and explanations.. priceless.

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