Boho- Summer, Keeping it Soulful

We are keeping it simple here this Summer in a use-what-you-got sort of mode. With that in mind I created this pitcher-cover to keep out the ever so pesky insects of Summer that seem to enjoy a cold drink as much as the rest of us! After all who wants a fly in their lemonade or heaven forbid their Sangria!

This is a pretty simple project and I have made a couple to take and give as hostess gifts as we visit with friends during these hot and sultry days and nights. A layer of tulle is sewn to the doily to make it much harder for anything to make it's way in the pitcher

You will need:
1 doily, vintage or new, it is up to you! 9+ inches in diameter
Bridal tulle in a color to match your doily
Wash away stabilizer ( I used Badge Master)
Thread to match for hand and machine sewing
Temporary embroidery adhesive
Spray starch
5 heavish beads or 5 multiple bead dangles
Hand sewing needle

1)  To start, starch your doily to give it some body and make it easier to sew.  I sprayed mine before I went to bed and it was quite stiff and dry the next morning. You could also iron it dry if you were in a hurry.

2) Next measure out some tulle enough to cover the  the larger outer circle of the doily not counting the fan shaped trim.

3) Using some temporary embroidery/sewing spray adhesive adhere the tulle to one side of the doily and then do the same with a water disolvable stabilizer. ( Heavy duty Solvy, Badge Master etc) sandwiching the doily between the tulle and the stabilizer.

Here the doily is basically glued between the layers and this will make it much easier to sew the tulle to the doily.

4) Using a small zig zag stitch I followed around the  more solid band of tatting and attached the netting to the  doily.  Given the adhesive and the stabilizer it all will stay very flat and be easy to sew.

5) After zig zagging  I trimmed aways the  excess netting and stabilizer and then rinsed out what was left. That left me with a doily with a bug-proof netting covered center.  I then pinned it to a towel in shape and let it dry. Remember you can not iron it now due to the netting which will melt if you get it any where near an iron.

After the doily dried I added the beaded drops..

5 to a pack for these... perfect!

6) Staggered around the outside of the doily and then hand stitched at each connection point. These beads had just the right amount of weight, play around with your own choice until it feels right. Enough to hold things down without so much as to be a burden.

Sweet, simple and perfect for Summer

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