DIY-Leather Wrist Wrap - and a giveaway!

Do you like it??

I am totally loving all the leather wrist wraps that I am seeing this season and felt inspired to give it a go and see what I could whip up in the crafty mom-cave.  This feature in Country Living really got me thinking....
about what I could use and how I would make it work. Wanting to make this a virtually free  project I dived into the crafty stash and  came up with a old leather purse  in a great shade of red. ( yes, I am the sort of fruitcake that saves an old leather purse for the cool red leather- this totally explains why it has taken days upon days to clean my crafty mom-cave!) 

Using a craft blade I salvaged the good leather off of the purse. This netted me two large pieces and the leather handles to put away for another project.

whoa!.. sorry about that awful photo!

After salvaging the leather I decided that I wanted strips that were 1/2 inch wide so I got out my quilting ruler and my rotary cutter. ( If you don't have a rotary blade a craft knife will work just fine)

After this I had to do a little guessing. By looking at the examples in the article I guessed that the leather strips were about 18 to 24+ inches long depending on how many times they were wrapped. My leather was going to only net me strips that were about 10 inches long so I knew no matter what I would connecting my strips.

I ended up with 3 strips about 10 inches long and then trimmed them to about 8 inches and then rounded the ends into slight curves.

Next I pulled out my Silent Setter so I could cut perfect  little holes in the leather and insert metal grommets. I did this on the end of each strip.

You will notice that my grommets are of the Rainbow Brite variety... it was all I had on hand, next time I will use all red or maybe silver. Next I used silver jump rings to hook the bands together and added a toggle clasp to the end.

Of course since I am the type that can't leave good enough alone I wanted to add a charm. So back to the stash and then this time I came up with a darling bird charm but it is in copper.. drat!.. But never fear, with just a bit of silver Rub n' Buff the little birdy goes from copper to an aged silver in no time!

So there you go... from purse to leather wrist wrap in under an hour! Honestly it was fun and dead-easy.. so easy in fact that I dug a little deeper in my stash and finally found some silver grommets and have already made another wrap just for you!

Interested in winning?..  if so leave a comment and if you want to double your chances join my facebook page and then leave another comment letting me know you did it! 
I will draw for a winner on Sunday!



Heather said...

I am commenting first... Doesen't that mean I win?! ;-)

Mermaidj said...

Pretty darn awesome!!

The Ellis Crew said...

This is really cool, I love the red and that it is salvaged from a purse!

Stitchfork said...

Love leather, love wrap bracelets, love leather wrap bracelets in red!!
xo Cathy

kittykerri said...

I'm totally loving leather wrap bracelets too! Adding the charm was ingenious! I love it!!

Sherry said...

This is wonderfully creative and gorgeous Maddie. I love it.

Jacki said...

Sure could use some extra harmony mojo in my life right now.

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty and unique.

Melody J

Amanda said...

A very pretty craft, and great re-using of an object! I'm hooked on buying things from the thrift store and changing it into something else.

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! How very, very creative you are, Maddie! I so love that you've recycled an old purse to make this. I have to admit to not having seen any of these bracelet wraps before, but I think they are so fun. Yours is amazing!