Interesting Kids

One of the best compliments I ever received about my children is when a person once told me that they
thought I had the most " truly interesting children she had ever met".  This compliment pleased me to no end and I have to say that I agree, my kids are interesting and interested. Don't get me wrong, I want my children to also be polite, caring, courageous and all those other wonderful things but to have raised children who are alive with interest in the world around them is above all my favorite attribute.

Raising engaged and interesting children was not something that happened by accident, yes, I raised and am raising these kids with a plan in mind.The plan was strong on no mind sucking Gameboys and lots of good reading and interesting experiences and a constant flow of information and education at all times. Sometimes parts of the plan failed in a blaze of glory but other things have been such resounding  hits that I feel that it is my sworn duty to share them with the world.

The one I want to share with you today is Boomerang Audio Magazine for kids.We have been doing BOOM as my kids call it since my oldest ( now 21) was quite young. At the time they were a gift from their grandfather (Boompie) who was a champ at finding unique and engaging gifts for the grandchildren he was sure were  prodigies ( and he was going to do his part to make sure that happened!) From early on the kids learned to watch the mailbox for the little padded envelope with the cassette tape inside. I told you this was long ago.. yes cassette tapes! Soon as it came they pulled out their little player and sat down to listen.. or better yet took it with us to make long car rides almost fun!

With each tape my children learned something about a big topic broken down so they could understand it. Something about  famous and interesting person from history, some corny jokes and a lesson in being human on the deepest and best level.  As the years passed and the tapes became CD's and then became audio downloads the topics never failed to keep their attention and add just a bit more "interesting" to their lives.

The habit of listening to tapes, to long and short stories that danced through their minds was a great introduction to extended learning, careful attention and the skills that are needed for academic progress no matter where a child is schooled. I have not been compensated for this post but do have a strong interest is seeing this wonderful product around for many years to come.... after all I am as sure as my father that my grandchildren are going to be brilliant and am going to do all I can to assure that myself!

Boom is great for all ages but I think 13 and younger appreciate it the most and I suspect the earlier that you get kids hooked on audio books the more knowledge you can stuff into the smart little heads of theirs.  So go try BOOM for yourself.. they are so kind as to have a free DOWNLOAD for you to check out.. once you do take the time to place an order. Get it for your kids, or maybe your grand kids... Interesting kids of the future thank you! And when you order.. tell David I said "thank you !"

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Georgie Horn said...

Good job mom and grandpa!