Keeping Busy

Things are moving along with the studio but never as fast as you plan but that is OK and I am trying to take things as they come and keep everything in balance. I took time today to float in the pool while the boys splashed around me and Doc swam him laps. All the while ideas swam through my head ( pardon the pun!) for ways to arrange the sewing tables and places to hang the quilts on the walls. Not to mention a wee dream of getting my home studio back in shape!

My desk space/check out counter is just about done and has finally stopped smelling like the stain I used on the table top ( there must be a less noxious way to stain things!).. I found a wonderful stool/chair that is just right and begging for a cute little pillow and maybe a bit of blue paint on the legs.

I have put my old chicken brooder box to good use as a sorter/organizer for my desk area and soon I will turn my attention back to those cabinets I started two weeks ago and have yet to finish.  I have currently given up on finding new handles and will be scrubbing  up and painting the old ones unless something brilliant drops into my lap before then... so far nothing has caught my eye even in the huge world of over priced cabinet hardware.

It is already time to plan out and organize classes for the Fall for both my private studio and other locations where I teach. I am working on a balance that will hopefully let me have time to do what I love, pursue my creative bliss, take care of family and honor my volunteer commitments and care for and restore my almost 100 year old home. After that I going to grow wings and fly to never never land!!...yeh.. I have no idea how I am going to do it... but I hope you stick around to watch me try!

Cosmo Floss from Bari J  - Image from Bari J

So tell me... where is the crafty muse taking you lately?... Personally I have picked up my hand stitching again and boy am I loving it with the Cosom Floss! about you?

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought abut using some of those old wooden thread spools for handles? Just an idea.