A basket full of Lovies

Oh my gosh I have been so busy!.. I am trying to get two sample projects done per day and that means I am spending a lot of time in my home studio which also means I am not getting any work done on my new public studio.. oh how I wish for a clone of myself some days!

Yesterday I finished up  the sample Lovies for my Babies in a Basket class this Fall. I am so excited about teaching this class. Thinking out of the box with the embroidery machine is so much fun!  Even though the machines are programed to embroider the same pattern, each doll comes out looking just a bit different and that is what makes them so adorable ( if I do say so myself!). It has been 3 years since I designed the Lovies and over time I have added special seasonal versions and Lovies for the Cause.. next I think that I will be working on Mothers of the World Lovies thanks to a great suggestion from my darling daughter.

If you are interested in signing up for the Babies in a Basket class here in Chattanooga give Chattanooga Sewing a call  423-899-3664 and get you name on the list. If you want to talk to me about coming to teach at your store please do since I am currently firming up my Fall teaching schedule which is going to be limited due to the new local studio- Stitchology!

Make it  a creative day!
Love, Maddie


Unknown said...

Loving your basket of Lovies - what talent!

Sounds like a fun class - I am a bit scared of the sewing machine - I prefer playing with wire and beads :)

Thanks for the visit to my blog, greetings from N Ireland via Paris.

Looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta :)

Audrey Pettit said...

These are absolutely adorable, Maddie! SO, SO sweet!

Claire said...

Wait...Darling Daughter...? That's me! ^_^ Thank for the mention mom, I'msuper flattered.