Mermaid Loveliness

I am SO excited to share this project with you, Isn't she loverly???

Son10 brought me back this shell from his trip to Maine.. the inside it this wonderful smooth pearly texture and the outside is this most amazing shade of periwinkle blue that you could ever imagine. The minute I saw it I knew I wanted to create a necklace out of it and that a mermaid would be perfect for the inside. OF course I found the image at the Graphics Fairy.. she has not failed me yet!

To create this beauty I had to go with what I had on hand since I launched into this project at 11pm, an hour at which even the best craft store does not stay open! As I mentioned the image came from the Graphics Fairy and was one of a few different options when it came to mermaids but over all this one had the right look and feeling that I was going after.

I printed it out on my inkjet printer and  then cut out the image. I sized the image to fit in the shell so it is quite small, about 1x1.5 inches at most. I used tiny embroidery scissors and a bright Ott light to do the work since  my over 40 vision is not what is used to be!

This second photo gives you a little better idea of the scale of the project given that it fits in the palm on my hand.

After cutting out the image and making sure it would work in the shell I used Triple Thick Gloss Glaze to secure the image in the shell and then put a layer over the whole inside of the shell.  TTGG is very thick but easy to work with and self leveling so you don't end up with any ridges.  It dries to a hard shine that looks like a kiln fired glaze but is easy to clean up .. In my haze I thought I had use Diamond Glaze, also another wonderful product, but see that it is the TTGG that is sitting here on my work surface so guess that is what I used!

This is going to be a Summer necklace but I have some serious fear about drilling this shell ( normally I would risk it but since it is from my son and I love it so much I am not willing to take that risk this time).  So with that fear in mind I will be installing a glued on cap style bale so that I can add a chain and get to wearing this wonderful gift from the sea ( and son10)

So what are you working on that I can come take a peek at??


Unknown said...

Love it!!! What a gorgeous shell, and so perfect for that Mermaid!

fairyrocks said...

What a Wonderful idea!!!
So pretty

ileana-carmen said...

A beautiful idea.

Audrey Pettit said...

Too stinkin' amazing! Love, love this!

The Queens Table said...

Perfect idea!

Carmen said...

Beautiful project! If I may humbly ask, what did you use for the blue around the edges of the shell?

Carmen said...

Beautiful project! If I may humbly ask, what did you use for the blue around the edges of the shell?