Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Last week I wrote about the short life and loss of our son Gabriel Liam. Many of your were so kind as to write and respond to my sharing his story and it's impact on our life. My husband also wrote over on his webpage in dedication and remembrance of Gabriel so please also feel free to read more over there since he fills in a few parts of the story that I did not share here.

Today I am going to take the opportunity to share a further and somewhat tangential part of the  Gabriel's story, one that might even be harder to read and watch than the story of our son but I challenge you to read, watch and learn about a most wonderful organization ~ Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep~ 

NILMDTS, is gift that most people will never need but the fact is that the journey to and through pregnancy is sometimes not what we expect and hope for and those sweet babies in which we have invested our heart do not get the chance to grow up. Perhaps that sweet baby was Born Still, or had a congenital abnormality that makes life outside the womb impossible,  maybe there was a birth accident or even a bit later  from SIDS. The list is longer than we would ever want.

NILMDTS is a volunteer organization that gathers together skilled photographers to be ready for any family that would ever face the heartbreak of losing an infant. They specialize in remembrance photography that captures each infant in their perfection during the hardest of times. These photos are some of the most treasured that any parent will ever have. A validation of the life that came and if only for a moment shone bright as the sun to only then to be lost to the world. I encourage you to watch the video ( HERE, bottom of page) at the NILMDTS website. It is the toughest thing you will ever do. These families are raw and open in sharing their precious babies with the world as well as their pain. While I desperately hope that you will never need their services I know that some time in your life you will know someone who does and your gift to them will be letting them know about NILMDTS and what it can do to help them through a most heartbreaking time.

While I do have many photos of our 48 hours with Gabriel what I would not do or have done to have the services of such a wonderful organization to help document his short life in such a beautiful life. My long term goal is to improve my own photography to the point were I am able to volunteer to be a NILMDTS photographer and  give to other families what I so much would have wanted to have. If you know a photographer who who might interested in donating their time please also pass on the links. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift they give. Truly.

Audrey Pettit said...

Hugs to you, Maddie! Thank you for sharing this. :)