Pool furniture Progress

They say that slow and sure wins the race and I hope that is true.  As you might remember a couple of weeks ago I scored the frame to a really nice patio set for a steal of a deal. ummmmmm... HERE.  Problem being that it was missing a couple of the cushions that were eaten by the lady's dog. I was not too daunted by that and then the next day I scored a fabooo gazebo for $112 at Target so things were coming together pretty well.  Today I finally got around to sewing the covers for the cushions and figuring out what to do about the missing ones.

I am not totally finished yet but the bottom cushions are done and the back pillow caps are also sewn. What?... you have never heard of Pillow-Caps?... that would be because I just made it up in desperation of not having enough fabric to cover all the pillows. - sue me

The mongo orange pillows will get new covers of some type using the wee bit of chocolate and green fabric I have left but that was not enough to do all the pillows.

Still need a top of the coffee table(s) and then to deal with the whole curtain issue. You see I don't want to see what is behind the gazebo... at one angle it is the dog run and other other is a rather uninspiring view of the stairs to the upper deck.   The Gazebo came with a really lame 1/2 curtain  currently shown to the left but that is going to have to go and be replaced...not sure how or with what but I hoping for some inspiration!

I am also wanting to hook up lighting and add some nice details but for now we have a place to sit and we are a little closer to being ready to have a pool party ... so find your towel.. invites going out soon!


Anonymous said...

Looking good - and very inviting. Might want to check into an outdoor ceiling fan for the gazebo - makes a world of difference on these hot summer days!

Georgie Horn said...

Wonderful! Hey, I just read your Chattanooga tabs. I lived in Chattanooga for a couple of years back in the 80s(omg, so long ago). I lived right at the base of signal mountain. I have some very fond memories of Chatt. My daughter was born in Erlanger in 1986.

susie said...

that furniture is a great find! i am in the process of covering my outdoor deck furniture. actually, i just bought the fabric, and haven't even started covering it, but that's a start, isn't it? LOL! looks like the table could possibly be used as an ottoman. you could just get some more foam and cover a cushion for it. or use a sheet of plywood for a base and do something creative with it. since you do a lot of painting, i'm sure you've seen the faux stone spray paints. just an idea... everything looks great and it sounds like you've been very productive! can't wait to see you at sew bee it.

Anonymous said...

fancy shmancy