Putting on a Summer Face - Self care on Saturday

Muggy, hot Chattanooga Summers call for streamlining make-up and hair to a wilt proof look that will carry me from morning till night without turning into a limp dish rag somewhere in the process.  For me this means paring back my makeup to nothing but the essentials. This combination comes from the advice foisted on me from my grandmother when I was but 7 years old ( Not sure why she thought to tell me then given as I did not wear makeup at 7, but she died just a few years after so guess she had to give it all out before she went!)

Grandma said "Girls who wear too much makeup in the Summer look like tarted up girlscouts"   ... giving you a moment to let that great advice sink in...........Yes, Grandma was rather a pip, and after a Manhattan or two she really got going!  So with Gramdma's words ringing in my ears I present my Summer make-up routine.

Starting at night I use old fashioned Boots Cold Cream to clean my face. This is a rich and thick product that also works as a great moisturizer. Nothing fancy and it is a whopping $8 a jar, so totally easy on the budget! I wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth and that is that.

Next morning I use the Boots Toner to freshen my face and remove any cold cream that did not sink in over night.  Then a flick of mascara- yep, Covergirl, in brown for Summer, brown-black for Fall/Winter and then I slick on Burts Bees Red Dalia lip tint which is nice and sheer but has great color!  That's it.. all done!

What do you do different with your Summer makeup?.. Any great products to share?


Betsy said...

Hello from down the road (Dalton)! I keep the same routine, but my Holy Grail of eyeliners is Wet and Wild waterproof...super cheap and holds on my allergy ridden eyes.

Anonymous said...

I use a lot more bronzer and lots of bare minerals eyeshadow. No lipstick.