Recycled Treasure, and a craft fail

I am a huge fan of milk glass, the smooth white finish of the pressed glass makes me smile and I pick it up anytime I can find it at thrift and antique shops. So it is really no surprise that I also have a thing for the jars that Dundee Marmalade is/was packaged in.  Over the years the jar has changed and the wording is no longer printed on the jars ( for shame) and there is now a plastic band around the center which makes me sad in some ways and in others it opens up more opportunities to do even more creative things with the jars since the band slips right off.

The jars are becoming hard to find ( seems they have gone to clear glass ( double shame)) so when this one popped up at the thrift I gabbed it and knew it was destined to be something special. I combined the jar with my love of solder -art and came up with this sweet little jar to hold our toothbrushes and paste.

I silvered the threaded area on the jar and then added a sticker that I printed with an image from the Graphics Fairy. I printed the image onto frosted/clear label material so when it was smoothed onto the jar it looks for all the world like it was printed right there.

On the back side of the jar I put..

The coordinating little boy image... sweet huh??? 

So you ask.. where is the craft-fail?  Well it seems that these labels are FAR from waterproof at least in the first few minutes after printing so when I first put the toothbrushes into the jar (patting myself on the back from such a cute project) they dripped on the images and everything stated to smudge .. sigh.. fail.

BUT!... I loved the project so much I peeled off the ruined stickers, printed out some more and put them back on and let it sit overnight and then sprayed it will clear-gloss topcoat.. very lightly then again and NOW the project is ready to stand up to being used in the bathroom!

So what do you think????


Rhissanna said...

The three fruit marmalade and the (omigosh) wonderful ginger preserves seem to still be available on Amazon in the white glass. I didn't know they'd stopped printing the label directly on the glass surface. A shame, but you're right, it does make for crafty opportunities. (I buy night cream solely on the basis of the nice jar I get at the end.)

I wonder how the Dundee jars would look with little tea lights?

Georgie Horn said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely idea, thanks for sharing!

Tania said...

so cute!

Theresa Novak said...


nancybabb said...

I just always cover the label with another piece of the label sheet w/o printing.... but, your way is probably best. LOVE the jar!

Darlene said...

Saw your art on the Graphics Fairy. Your jar is adorable.

Judy said...

Love this...super idea!

Susan E. said...

What *I* can't believe is that I was on etsy looking for vintage-y ephemera, then I see that these adorable toothbrush holders made by Maddie at Domestic Anarchy...and I Knew. Knew it had to be my Maddie. Good work :-)