She Shoots, She Scores!

Lordy I do love a good day thrifting!.. and honestly I was not even suppose to be there fact I was dropping off a whole load of stuff that I culled out of my kitchen by using the rule.. if you have not used it in the year... it is gone!.

But of course the lure was just too great so son13( always nice to have a partner in crime - he loves to thrift!) and I just popped in for a "moment". Not much to write home about today.. one chair we dithered about for the studio ( thumbs down in the end).. and we were on our way out when I saw the mass of metal legs and piles of cushions having just been brought in from the back...  I knew it had potential but I was not sure how much so I snatched the lower part of the sale tag off ( buyers keepers) and set about inspecting it for rust, shot seat beds.. the normal stuff that sends outdoor furniture to places like this.

It was in amazing shape, well constructed, welds all tight and no rust. I was told that the lady donated it because her dog tore up two of the cushions and it had just come in this morning ( obviously my luck day!)..  Turns out that the glass for the tables was also gone.. but I can also deal with that given  the ever so reasonable price of $60 for the 7 piece set.

It is not looking like much here... I unloaded right before a huge rain storm came through and got soaked.. took a couple of minutes to move it to the back, get a shot of it while lightening cracked and more rain came.. then I grabbed the pup and tore off to take cover from the next rain storm that slammed us today.

The plan looks like this.. make or find two new cushions, buy  new outdoor fabric and do a quick recover job.. live happily ever after... are you with me??  Oh.. and those tables that are missing their glass?.. I am thinking that some granite might look pretty sweet there... so also going to hunt up some of that  :)

p.s. I totally believe the dog-ate the cushion story.. my girl pups will NOT leave these cushions alone.. they roll all over them like 2-bit hookers.. I suspect the lady had a boy dog and I think my pups are hussies!


Georgie Horn said...

Score girl! Wonderful. Funny about the dogs. What you been teachin' them? (if they're hussies) haha

carol said...

You need some cleaner called "Kids and Pets" it kills pet and kid smells. I bet the boy dog marked his territory.

Audrey Pettit said...

Awesome score again, Maddie! Wow, you are on fire these days. I so love thrifting, too. You just never know what you're going to find.